• Old Design Of Winter Ghost Rifle.
  • Winter Ghost Rifle In Menu.
  • Winter Ghost Rifle Equipped [Front View].
  • Winter Ghost Rifle Equipped.
  • Winter Ghost Rifle's Scope.
  • The weapons reload animation (1).
  • The weapons reload animation (2).
The Winter Ghost Rifle is an assault rifle which is unlocked at level 14 and was only available during the Winter Wonderland Update previously. It is only obtainable by purchasing through the Yeti Bundle for $6.99 Dollar1. It deals moderate damage, has unlimited range and amazing accuracy (it has a scope) and moderate agility, bearing much similarity to the stats of the Scoped Assault Rifle. It holds an average amount of rounds; 30 rounds. It was brought back in the Ninja Path update, making it's return on 18th December 2014. It is the Tier 7 prize for collecting 6200 Ninja Points.


The infinite range and the excellent Accuracy makes using the tactic of  Camping or Death from A Far perfect for this weapon. Its rate of fire may be slow, but once the bullets start flying, your opponent's health will drop quickly and even if he is too far away (because of the unlimited range), you always have the rifle's scope to ensure his death. Be careful once you use the scope, as opponents can then easily run beside you and subdue you. Whatever strategy's you use with the weapon Scoped Assault Rifle will work very well for this weapon.


Here is the guide of this weapon.

Weapon AnalysisEdit


  • Very fast RoF.
  • Has more damage per second than its counterpart, the Scoped Assault Rifle.
  • Can run quite fast with the weapon.
  • Unlimited range.
  • Quite easy to get headshots from afar.
  • Deals the same damage from any distance.



Respawnables - Winter Ghost Rifle

Respawnables - Winter Ghost Rifle


  • The Winter Ghost Rifle seems to be not as good as the Scoped Assault Rifle because it has the same bars but less ammo and costs real life money (except earned during Ninja Path).
  • Winter Special
    This gun is based off the TAR-21 due to having the magazine behind the trigger and a similar front grip.
  • The weapon in the shop got a new look during the Holiday (2014) update
  • This is the 1st event weapon to have 2 bars of damage. (As a prize in the Ninja path event)
  • This is the second assault rifle to have unlimited range. (The first one is the Scoped Assault Rifle)
  • It shares the same stats as the Plasma Machinegun

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