The Wind Carnival Mask is a Head added during the Carnival 2017 (Update). It was obtained by completing tier 1 of trial 3 during the event or purchasing either the Masquerade or Parade bundles.

Appearance Edit

A mask that resembles a bird, it is green in colour with a yellow beak that covers the player's nose.

Function Edit

Along with the 10% total Agility, this head also gives an extra 7% Agility to the Parade Shotgun, and changes Maskeleon Rifle into sniper mode.

Trivia Edit

  • Currently, this head provides the most Agility out of all the Heads available!
  • Unlike S.F. Pants, Lucky Pants or Outlaw Trousers, the user does not need to equip any specific weapons. All you have to do is to equip the mask and you can get 10% Agility just by the mask itself.

See Also Edit

  • The Wind Carnival Mask in the Menu!

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