This is the page where the links to the the events of the wiki.

Rules of Wiki EventsEdit

  • Wiki events last for 1 - 2 weeks.
  • Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) gets badges on their profile page and a custom nametag if they do not have one..
  • When the Wiki Event is finished, the page is to be locked for admins only to prevent any late participants.
  • If there is a tie, the winner is the participant who posted their results first.
    • If both users posted the results in the same time, the winner is the participant with the most edits on the wiki.
      • If both users have the same edits, the winner is the user who joined the wiki first.
        • If both users joined the wiki at the same date, the user who has their name listed first alphabetically places first.
  • Anonymous users cannot participate.
  • The user who created the idea and / or the event page cannot participate
  • Wiki Events can be done in both mission mode and multiplayer mode unless stated otherwise. 
  • Cheating and hacking for the Wiki Event is not allowed and will result in the disqualification in the Wiki Event and all further Wiki Events if discovered.
  • To participate, one must click the Add Photo on the slideshow and put their user name on the wiki as a caption.
  • If you have put a picture that has an old score and got a better score, you may remove your old picture and insert your new one.
  • If there is any questions about Wiki Events please leave a message here.

Wiki EventsEdit

Wiki Event Set 1: Weapons School : Only kills count.

Wiki Event Set 2: Immortals : Deaths are [-200] points each.