Wiki Event 2: "Blunder and Plunder"

This is Wiki Event 2. It will last for 2 weeks. This event is finished


"Kill as many people as you can using the Blunderbuss in a Missions or an Online Multiplayer match. Also, get as many points as you can."

Blunderbuss Cutted


  • Only the following GadgetsSpotterMedikit, Immunity Shield, Stealth and/or Neuralyzer MIB are allowed.
  • Swapping weapons/gadgets during the match is not allowed.
  • If two or more players have the same amount of kills, the player with the highest score will win. If they both have the same amount of score, the player with the highest amount of edits will win.

How to participate

To participate in the event add a Screenshot of yours that has your user name in a caption in the photo. Click 'Add Photo' to add your screenshot.

  • 3)Spooky Rish
  • 4)Ashvath 46-0
  • Sgt. Lance (43 Kills)
  • Darkangel12S
  • Vanicus753( stupid Vulcan I hate when he steals my kills/ kills me)
  • Chase XP
  • HazzaBuzz15
  • LAventador1448 as KNGAgera14
  • Kishin(Bryan)
  • Activerois
  • 37 Kills

Top 10 Participants

Position Wiki user In-game name Kills Points
1st Chase XP iOwN_xP 63 5375
2nd Kishin(Bryan) WikiKishin 56 6015
3rd LAvendator1448 KNGAgelera14 50 4945
4th HazzaBuzz15 H.A.Z.Z.A 49 5440
5th Spooky Rish Sevchenko 46 5505


WikiAsh 46 5140
7th Activerios WikiShadow 43 5030
8th Sgt. Lance Sgt. Lance 43 4405
9th Darkangel12S Darkangel 40 4780
10th DrageD37 DrageD37 37 4585

Time Left


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