Weapons are the most essential things in Respawnables: they are needed to deal damage to your opponents, eventually leading to their imminent deaths. Respawnables provides a variety of weapons to cater to everyone's personal choice: from classic weapons like the Shotgun and Revolver, to fictional weapons like the Proton Gun, Chemrail and the Noisy Cricket. Learn all about them here.

Firing Types

Before reading this, it is recommended that you read about the two firing types that Respawnables has, such as you have a better understanding of the terms, which will be used often in the wiki. Bear in mind, that single shot weapons deal out more damage for less Accuracy and clip size, while automatic shot weapons deal less damage for more Accuracy and clip size.

And there are also many types of weapons. They are held differently, have different amounts of ammo and different damage. They are:

Now lets get started. Click or tap on the picture or the link below the picture and read more about it.

Free Weapons

Cash Weapons

Gold Weapons

Paid Weapons

Event Weapons

Weapons Table

Find out a Complete Table on Weapons : here.

Weapon Guides

Check out these pages for the guides of every weapon in the game! From how to use them efficiently, to how to counter every single one of them!

Quick Weapon Index

List of Weapons
Bullet Assault Rookie Machine GunAssault RifleLittle ItalyScoped Assault RifleWinter Ghost RifleDual Machine GunsGuitar Machine GunElite Assault RifleChemrailDual Rookie Machine GunsAirsoft SMGDual Airsoft SMGBattle RamStig RifleSMG HowlingMonkey's RifleRainbow's EndJP-BEKGatling PunchVeteran Machine GunRA-KT Assault RifleDouble Barrel MachinegunCousar Crowe AssaultIncursion RamMechanical Claw ThrowerMaskeleon RifleParalizer KHR3Golden "Rookie"Assault CCP VIAristocrat's Rifle
Energy Assault Zap GunPlasma MachinegunCharged Stun RifleVET 3000 ATOM
Fire Assault Assault Rifle HEI MK 1
Poison Assault Assault Rifle DU MK2
Explosive Launcher BazookaMissile LauncherGrenade LauncherHowitzer GunDual Grenade PistolsScoped Rocket LauncherThumperFire FistDragon's Breath CannonRocket Guitar CaseAir CannonGhost CannonAutomatic Grenade LauncherClusterstormFireworks CartMine LauncherGolden Bazooka
Bullet Launcher Noisy CricketStake LauncherFlare GunDual Stake LauncherShockwave LauncherFlare Gun MK2Dual Flare GunFlare Gun MK3"The Little Friend"
Energy Launcher Plasma PunchProton GunCold Beam RifleProton Gun Gen.3Energy Stinger
Magical Launcher Monkey Staff
Pellet Shotgun ShotgunBlunderbussDouble Barrel ShotgunHunter ShotgunAristocrat's ShotgunBurial ShotgunsSplasher ShotgunParade ShotgunBig KaboomUBGL-BarrettiGolden ShotgunGolden Blunderbuss"RAGER"Dual Blunderbuss
Energy Shotgun Tri Barrel Plasma RiflePlasma ShotgunProton Shotgun
Bullet Handgun Dual PistolsRevolverDual RevolversHaunted GunsToxic GunsDarkness Combo GunsFreedom RevolverDual Freedom RevolversOutlaw RevolverSilver WolfPocket PistolAtarot HandgunNight ScreechW.P.D. PistolGolden PistolDual Flintlock Pistols
Energy Handgun Dual Energy PistolsZapperBlasterDual BlastersAlien Eye PistolDark Matter GunStun BlasterDual Stun Blaster
Fire Handgun Fire Spitter
Poison Handgun Poison Dart Handgun
Heavy Machine
Bullet Heavy Machine Heavy Machine GunSiege CannonArmed Guitar CaseMinigunTriple Barrel GatlingShield-WielderAnti-Tank Type-33Portable Heavy MachineHeavy-Medyk MK 1
Pellet Heavy Machine Heavy Shatterer
Fire Heavy Machine Incinerator
Explosive Heavy Machine Explosive Minigun
Bullet Rifle Sniper RifleAnti Material SniperHunter RifleSemi-Automatic SniperDMR-003 • Black-NagaDV CarbineGolden Sniper
Energy Sniper Rail Gun
Fire Rifle Fire Clacker
Bullet Bow Bow
Energy Bow Energy Bow
Explosive Bow Booming BowExplosive Crossbow

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