Weapons are the most essential things in Respawnables: they are needed to deal damage to your opponents, eventually leading to their imminent deaths. Respawnables provides a variety of weapons to cater to everyone's personal choice: from classic weapons like the Shotgun and Revolver, to fictional weapons like the Proton Gun, Chemrail and the Noisy Cricket. Learn all about them here.

Firing Types

Before reading this, it is recommended that you read about the two firing types that Respawnables has, such as you have a better understanding of the terms, which will be used often in the wiki. Bear in mind, that single shot weapons deal out more damage for less Accuracy and clip size, while automatic shot weapons deal less damage for more Accuracy and clip size.

And there are also many types of weapons. They are held differently, have different amounts of ammo and different damage. They are:

Now lets get started. Click or tap on the picture or the link below the picture and read more about it.

Free Weapons

Cash Weapons

Gold Weapons

Paid Weapons

Event Weapons

Weapons Table

Find out a Complete Table on Weapons : here.

Weapon Guides

Check out these pages for the guides of every weapon in the game! From how to use them efficiently, to how to counter every single one of them!

Quick Weapon Index

List of Weapons
Free Weapons Rookie Machine Gun
Cash Weapons Assault RifleShotgunHeavy Machine GunSniper RifleScoped Assault RifleBazookaDual PistolsGrenade LauncherRevolverHowitzer GunPlasma PunchScoped Rocket LauncherDual Grenade PistolsZap Gun
Gold Weapons Little ItalyBlunderbussAirsoft SMGGuitar Machine GunAnti Material SniperSiege CannonDouble Barrel ShotgunPlasma ShotgunDual Revolvers
Paid Weapons Missile LauncherDual Machine GunsTri Barrel Plasma RifleNoisy CricketProton GunChemrailElite Assault RifleFlare GunHaunted GunsDarkness Combo GunsToxic GunsCold Beam RifleDual Energy PistolsShockwave LauncherBattle RamDual Freedom RevolversArmed Guitar CaseAristocrat's ShotgunDMR-003Flare Gun MK2Rainbow's EndBlack-NagaOutlaw RevolverSilver WolfZapperBlasterDual BlastersProton Gun Gen.3Proton ShotgunProton GloveTriple Barrel GatlingIncineratorRA-KT Assault RifleGhost CannonBurial ShotgunsVeteran Machine GunAtarot HandgunSplasher ShotgunAlien Eye PistolCousar Crowe AssaultPlasma Machine GunDual Flare GunFlare Gun MK3Fire SpitterMechanical Claw ThrowerIncursion RamFire ClackerExplosive MinigunParade ShotgunPoison Dart HandgunAssault Rifle HEI MK 1Lucky RifleShield-WielderHunter HandgunUBGL-BarrettiStun BlasterDual Stun BlasterCharged Stun RifleEnergy StingerBooming BowEnergy BowPortable Heavy Machine
Event Weapons Hunter RifleThumperAutomatic ShotgunDual Rookie Machine GunsStake LauncherDual Stake LauncherFire FistDragon's Breath CannonHunter ShotgunDual Airsoft SMGMinigunSemi-Automatic SniperFreedom RevolverRocket Guitar CaseStig RifleSMG HowlingMonkey's RifleMonkey StaffJP-BEKDV CarbinePocket PistolAir CannonHeavy ShattererAutomatic Grenade LauncherGatling PunchNight ScreechDouble Barrel Machine GunDark Matter GunClusterstormFireworks CartMaskeleon Rifle"The Little Friend"Big KaboomAnti-Tank Type-33BowExplosive CrossbowRail Gun

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