The game of Respawnables is great a lot of the time, but at lower levels, the game just isn't fun due to people who throw all their money they had at Digital Legends and have equipped those over powered weapons. When you are just starting the game it is hard to make money and get all of the good weapons if some guy is running around the map popping bombshells, flares, or snipes in your face 90% of the time. The purpose of this guide is give tips to help you make the most out of your less-than-ordinary weapons.



One of the loadout for beginners.

  • In Respawnables, weapons do most of the work for the player. Having better weapons, faster, is key.

General Tips

  • Reload after every kill, unless there are more than one enemy. Especially wars.
  • Always guard your backside. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A SNIPER.
  • Help your team. Follow them and fight who they fight. There is safety in numbers, Unless someone has the Thumper.

Shotgun and Blunderbuss

Use the Shotgun on maps with close quarters and a lot of corners like The Rocket or Headquarters. Eastside District also has plenty of corners, and the cars provide good hiding spots. Utilizing corners with the Shotgun can help in surprising enemies, even if they have high level weapons. Don't run out into the open. Stay out of open areas because the shotgun falls short against weapons of longer range. Up close, try to move side to side while shooting to lessen the chances of being hit. Clothes to be used with this weapon should go towards increasing speed more than anything. It is essential to get in close to the enemies to do damage, and the faster a player can move around the map, the better. Health can be good if the enemy is running high-damage explosive weapon.

Blunderbuss is the the second weapon available that costs gold currency. It is one of the best weapons in the game, more effective and easier to use than the Siege Cannon, Double Barrel Shotgun and Dual Revolvers . It is really cheap (under 100 gold ) and is a must have for beginners. You can aquire gold through the singleplayer missions, daily bonuses (go on five days in a row and receive 5 Gold ), rare drops from killing elites and Tapjoy. Blunderbuss is like the Shotgun , but with waaaayyy more damage and agility and less ammo. It has super fast reload. It has more power than is suggested (1234 power ranking isn't accurate), and it also has really large cross hairs and what I believe is the worst accuracy in the game. If you compare it to the other shotguns, you will notice that their cross hairs are way more compact.

Automated rifles Edit

There are three in particular:

  • Assault Rifle : Sluggish rate of fire, Decent Accuracy and Range
  • Scoped Assault Rifle: Fast rate of fire, high Range and high Accuracy with scope. Can do headshots with the help from the scope.
  • Little Italy: Fast rate of fire, short Ranged and highest clip capacity for an assault rifle.

These three weapons are very similar. The main difference of these are the stats, but the strategies to use with them are the same. Long lines of sight suit the assault rifles, especially maps like Royal Garden, where the Scoped Assault Rifle can zoom in to the other end of the map. The Little Italy and the Scoped Assault Rifle are good all-around, but when going up against short range weapons like Blunderbuss, keep them at a distance or find a good vantage point to take pot-shots from.

If two or three people are all running wtih assault rifles and staying together in a group, defending each other, it can be better than going alone. When going against high-powered weapons, stay close together, but don't clump too close, as AOE (explosives) weapons can handle groups easily. Clothes to use with the Assault Rifles should increase accuracy slightly, but the main focus should be health.

The Assault Rifle is accurate, but not deadly most of the time. Make up for the deficit in damage with as much health as you can. Agility can be useful if you need to escape, but remaining in cover and out of the reach of blunderbuss will negate the need for speed.

Ammo in machine guns skill helps. It gives you more ammo in the Assault Rifle , Little Italy, Rookie Machine Gun and Guitar Machine Gun. It doesn't apply to the Scoped Assault Rifle, it's only con compared to the normal assault. The Rookie Machine Gun gets 45 ammo, the Little Italy gets 45 ammo, the Assault Rifle gets 42 ammo, and the Guitar Machine Gun; 120 ammo. 

Heavy Weapons Edit

Heavy Machine Gun: The purpose of the Heavy Machine Gun is to provide cover fire for your team from a distance. The range is long on this gun for a reason! Also, long ranges are more suited to this gun because the player has to stand very still or the accuracy suffers. It is safest to find a vantage point away from the heat of the battle. One can get more kills by staying further back and letting their team-mates with Shotgun go in and be the meat shields. It is possible to handle one on one fights with this gun, provided something is equipped to help your health and speed. If going with the support option, equip more accuracy and health with the clothes. This helps the player defend them-self if the enemies get too close as well as give them better capabilities at long range.

Sniper Rifle: Tip never camp for more than 1 minute, and always aim for the head. A good idea is to go for someone who is injured from a recent fight, as they will have low health and the sniper rifle will one-hit kill.

Bazooka: Try not to kill yourself when using this weapon. Try to kill groups of people (splash damage) and stick close to Assaulters. Also, try to time your shots so that they will hit the enemy in long distance(i.e. the enemy will walk into the rocket). Aim for their legs and not their bodies!


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