These are the weapon counter guides for all of the weapons available in the Respawnables. These are arranged alphabetically.

  1. Airsoft SMG: Counter Guide
  2. Anti Material Sniper: Counter Guide
  3. Armed Guitar Case: Counter Guide
  4. Aristocrat's Shotgun: Counter Guide
  5. Assault Rifle: Counter Guide
  6. Automatic Shotgun: Counter Guide
  7. Battle Ram: Counter Guide
  8. Bazooka: Counter Guide
  9. Black-Naga: Counter Guide*****
  10. Blunderbuss: Counter Guide
  11. Chemrail: Counter Guide
  12. Cold Beam Rifle: Counter Guide
  13. Darkness Combo Guns: Counter Guide
  14. DMR-003: Counter Guide
  15. Double Barrel Shotgun: Counter Guide
  16. Dragon's Breath Cannon: Counter Guide
  17. Dual Airsoft SMG: Counter Guide
  18. Dual Energy Pistol: Counter Guide
  19. Dual Freedom Revolver: Counter Guide*****
  20. Dual Grenade Pistols: Counter Guide
  21. Dual Machine Guns: Counter Guide
  22. Dual Pistols: Counter Guide
  23. Dual Revolvers: Counter Guide
  24. Dual Rookie Machine Guns: Counter Guide
  25. Dual Stake Launcher: Counter Guide
  26. DV Carbine: Counter Guide*****
  27. Elite Assault Rifle: Counter Guide
  28. Fire Fist: Counter Guide
  29. Flare Gun: Counter Guide
  30. Flare Gun MK2: Counter Guide
  31. Freedom Revolver: Counter Guide
  32. Grenade Launcher: Counter Guide
  33. Guitar Machine Gun: Counter Guide
  34. Haunted Guns: Counter Guide
  35. Heavy Machine Gun: Counter Guide
  36. Howitzer Gun: Counter Guide
  37. Hunter Rifle: Counter Guide
  38. Hunter Shotgun: Counter Guide
  39. JP-BEK: Counter Guide
  40. Little Italy: Counter Guide
  41. Minigun: Counter Guide
  42. Missile Launcher: Counter Guide
  43. Monkey's Rifle: Counter Guide
  44. Monkey Staff: Counter Guide
  45. Noisy Cricket: Counter Guide
  46. Outlaw Revolver: Counter Guide*****
  47. Plasma Punch: Counter Guide
  48. Plasma Shotgun: Counter Guide
  49. Pocket Pistol: Counter Guide*****
  50. Proton Gun: Counter Guide
  51. Rainbow's End: Counter Guide
  52. Revolver: Counter Guide
  53. Rocket Guitar Case: Counter Guide
  54. Rookie Machine Gun: Counter Guide
  55. Scoped Assault Rifle: Counter Guide
  56. Scoped Rocket Launcher: Counter Guide
  57. Semi-Automatic Sniper: Counter Guide
  58. Shockwave Launcher: Counter Guide
  59. Shotgun: Counter Guide
  60. Siege Cannon: Counter Guide
  61. Silver Wolf: Counter Guide*****
  62. SMG Howling: Counter Guide
  63. Sniper Rifle: Counter Guide
  64. Stake Launcher: Counter Guide
  65. Stig Rifle: Counter Guide
  66. Thumper: Counter Guide
  67. Toxic Guns: Counter Guide
  68. Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle: Counter Guide
  69. Winter Ghost Rifle: Counter Guide
  70. Zap Gun: Counter Guide

NOTE: The ones that is tagged with ***** are not finished yet! Please give us some more time to improve that page for better reference! Thank you in advance for your patience.

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