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The warlord set contains the Double Barrel Shotgun, Siege Cannon, Dual Revolvers, and 500 gold and costs $41.99 or 51.99 NZD

Worth your money?

Getting Overpowered weapons in the game seems tempting to new or unlucky players in multiplayer matches that are just begging to own a strong gun to bring into an impending blunderbuss match. players who want heavy firepower without grinding through missions mode would simply purchase this deal.

This package is a pretty hefty priced one. Go on Tapjoy, spend a few bucks on some deals and you could probably collect more than 2100 gold at a lesser price. If you don't want to deal with the confusion and the hassle the tapjoy deals give this is a great bundle if you don't have any of the weapons featured. If you do have one of the weapons already, skip it but if you don't go for it.

if 495 gold cost $30(more than this), even if all these weapons cost like that it will be 3x495+1x495=1980 gold

and 1980 gold cost about $$120(USD) so those who bought these weapons previously will feel cheated.

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