The Ultimat Soldier Update is an update that came out on June 29, 2017.

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New Changes Edit

  • Players now have a short immunity upon respawning, even bots have this feature!

Update Description Edit

(Please, read this with epic music)

Ultimate Soldiers are those who resist and fight until the very end. Those who don’t fear death (or respawning), those who do not want anything other than victory. Ultimate Soldiers are only those who are deserving.

Before you, four weeks of pain and glory are unveiled with you as the main character of your battle. Become the Ultimate Soldier, picking the Ultimate pickups and gaining ultra defense, damage and speed. Also, we have made some changes: from now on you’ll have immunity on respawning.

Get the Ultimate pickup and fight for your honor (or for the amazing prizes)! Only one will be crowned The Ultimate Soldier, will it be you?

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