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Preview of the weapon

Just got yourself the Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle? Quite hard to use? This underrated weapon is actually quite good and fun to use! Hopefully this guide will help you.

About the Weapon Itself

Almost like its inferior brother, this energy based shotgun has 4 shots in its clip, ready for action! Each of them are powerful enough to take out any unarmored opponents! This formidable weapon can be purchased at the price of $9.99 Dollar1.

Learn more about it here.


This weapon has 4 shots per clip. Instead of spamming all shots in one time like the Plasma Punch, it has a time gap between each shot for the pumping action (like a normal shotgun). Despite that, each shot are quite powerful. Each can take out any unarmored opponent in a single shot! Besides that, the blast radius is arguably one of the biggest in the game. This makes all the damage dealt fatal to its victims even though the shot isn't direct. Be very careful, you might got caught too! The only unfavorable thing about it is its reloading time and its pumping action between each shot. Let us not forget that its plasma shots' speed are fairly slow at long range. So, be sure to estimate where and when to shoot.

As a shotgun, Run And Gun is the best strategy with this weapon. Run across the map, and only stop when you are taking covers. When countering other players, it is best to shoot at their feet or anywhere near that. It is suggested to shoot at mid range and not at closer range as you can got caught in the blast radius too.

Camping might work too, but be sure to have a good team or a good set of gear and gadgets ready to be used. Start shooting when you saw your enemies coming towards you, the longer the best. Plan ahead, literally! Shoot the floor in front of them and not on the body directly as you can easily miss.

What To Do

  • Aim for the feet or at the floor near it.
  • Shoot at the front of your incoming opponent.
  • Start shooting at long to mid range. Short range is suicidal.
  • Start reloading when there is nobody around.
  • Take covers when reloading or when injured.
  • Estimate where and when to shoot at long range.
  • Try to do the No Pumping Glitch.
  • If you have the Ghostbusters Jacket, equip it to reduce incoming damage from your shots.
  • If you have the S.F. Headset, equip it for extra firepower! Although, handle with care.
  • If you ever see any player with Leprechaun's Hat, Ghostbusters Jacket and Biker Pants, you might want to consider either to change your weapon or to avoid them, as they are FULLY immune to your attacks.

What Not To Do

  • Shoot at close range (unless you are a pro and know what you are doing, or you have a good reason to do so)
  • Reload in the heat of a battle, especially while being at the center of it.
  • Forgot to reload.
  • Standing still for too long with this weapon.
  • Aim for the body (unless you are a pro) instead of the feet/floor near it.
  • Over-confidently charge against a player with Leprechaun's Hat, Ghostbusters Jacket and Biker Pants.

What To Wear/Use


It is best to use a hybrid of health and agility boosting equipment. People usually go for two health boosting armors and an agility boosting gear.

If you have the Ghostbusters Jacket, be sure to equip it to keep yourself from auto kills. Since this weapon is a shotgun, S.F. Headset works great with this weapon! Plus, S.F. Pants gives 10% agility boost instead of just 5%. For best result, equip all of the mentioned gears at one time. If you wish to replace the Ghostbusters Jacket with other armor, it is your choice.


Since you will find it hard to avoid your own shots, Medikit will surely help you a lot. Spotter gives you the locations of your opponents, giving you chance to shoot before they can do anything to you! Stun Grenades are useful against all players, especially the ones that wear an armor with resistance against energy-based weapons.

Against others

Shotguns: They will surely run towards you. So, shoot at their feet (in front of them and not directly on them). Strafe a lot while shooting and while circling them, shoot at the floor near to them but far from you. Hunter Shotgun users, however must be taken care of at long range, especially when they are camping.

Automatic Weapons: At a long distance, shoot once and take cover. Shoot and take cover. At a closer distance, aim for the feet. Against Siege Cannon and Minigun users, do not get closer to them. Keep your distance, shoot at their feet and take cover immediately.

Explosive Weapons: They pose great threat no matter how far they are from you! Be sure to take covers (avoid corners) while you are against them. To be safe, shoot at them when they are busy concentrating at others or when they are reloading their weapons. If you are a pro, you can counter them any time you want though, despite the risk of auto kills and the risk of blown to bits.

Snipers: As usual, they are only dangerous when their existence weren't noticed by others. Be sure to avoid yourself from their sight. Stay behind a cover while shooting at them if possible. If not, try to get closer to them. In the process, stay behind a cover every time. Avoid going towards them front to front. Try to take other routes around the map. Make sure you are on the move all the time.

Revolver: Just don't go straight towards them. Strafe a lot, try to take covers when you need to. Circle around them and shoot at the floor near them but far from you (shoot across them and not directly on them). Shoot at mid range and take cover right after that shot.

Flare Gun: Against them, you will find it hard to counter them front to front. So, ambush them and shoot from covers are the safest strategy, not to mention the best. Stunning them might be the safest way to counter them.

Weapon Analysis


  • Good damage (Excellent with S.F. Headset!)
  • Huge blast radius
  • Fairly fast agility
  • Acceptable accuracy (sometimes, randomly shot out of crosshair. Rare chance though)


  • Small clip, only 4 shots
  • Auto kills are frequent and easy to happen
  • Long reloading time
  • Slow plasma projectiles at long range

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