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Having trouble with a Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle user? This page will help.

What is the Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle?Edit

The odd weapon that is very rare to find in a match, the Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle is one of the least popular weapons in respawnables. It has good damage, a quite large blast radius, but with a slow rate of fire and a long reloading time. It can be bought at the cost of $9.99 Dollar1 separately.
Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle Cutted

What to DoEdit

  • Run around the user to avoid the bullets.
  • Attack from range, and take cover. The bullets are fairly slow at long distance, giving chances to run.
  • Ambush them.
  • Wear the Ghostbusters Jacket or the A.S.P. Armor as this weapon is energy-based.
    • Equip the Biker Pants for even more protection. It reduces the damage done by shotguns by 20%. With the Ghostbusters Jacket, you have 70% total protection.
    • Leprechaun's Hat reduces 30% damage of this weapon.
      • Combined with the other two said gear will provide 100% damage reduction against this weapon: Which means no damage will be done to you! Even S.F. Headset won't help your opponent now.
  • Stun them. They can't do anything later.
  • If you find that they are using Spotter, do not get close to them. In fact, only attack when he is busy with other player.

What NOT to DoEdit

  • Run straight at the user.
  • Standing still and camping.

What to WearEdit

Head: : Leprechaun's Hat, or any Health/Agility head part.

Body:: Ghostbusters Jacket or any Health/Agility body part.

Legs:: Biker Pants, or any Health/Agility legs part.

Armor: A.S.P. Armor

What Weapons to UseEdit

Close Range:: Any of the Shotguns, Blunderbuss

Medium Range:: Revolver, Hunter Shotgun, Thumper

Long Range: : Any sniper, Battle Ram, Howitzer Gun

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