This page has been made to help users who are struggling to counter the Toxic Guns. After reading this article you should probably have a clearer understanding of how to counter this particular weapon.

What are the Toxic Guns?

Toxic Gun cutted

The Toxic Guns are a pair of dual handguns released in the Events Monster Mash. It resembles two, green coloured flare guns. It is purchasable for $9.99 Dollar1 along with the Monster Face, the Monster Vest and the Monster Pants. It fires 12 rounds of green coloured chemical substance bursts. It has bad accuracy, decent range, good damage and excellent agility.

Learn more about it here.

What to Do

  • Strafe left to right when heading towards your opponent as the weapon has bad accuracy, do this to decrease the likelihood of the rounds hitting you easily.
  • Wear armor with high defense with withstand the heavy damage of the Toxic Guns, like the Warlock Coat and the Shadow Hunter Guard.
  • Keep your distance against this weapon. This weapon is quite short ranged.
  • Stun them.
  • Use explosives against them at long distance.
  • If you happen to get up real close to the player, then circle around him while shooting.

What NOT to Do

  • Running towards the user using Toxic Guns as they will eliminate you much more easily.
  • Standing still (makes it more easier for them to eliminate you).
  • Fight at short range AND not moving alot.

What to Wear

Head: Any Head Armor that has 7% Health/Agility or more

Body: Shadow Hunter Guard, Warlock Coat

Legs: Any Legs Armor that has 7% Health/Agility or more

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Any Shotgun, Blunderbuss

Medium Range: Guitar Machine Gun, Revolver, Elite Assault Rifle

Long Range: Sniper Rifle, Anti Material Sniper RifleHowitzer Gun

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