The Tier Skip Glitch is a glitch where the user can skip tiers without meeting its requirements. It allows players to obtain event prizes in the cheapest way possible (others way include hacking). This glitch was availible until the Earth Day Event, because iChase (A Youtuber) reported the glitch.


1: Complete a tier.

2: After the match, do not obtain the tier reward and restart the game.

3: Go back to the game.

4: Once you entered the main menu, go to the event banner and then to the tier menu.

5: Exit the game (Not restart).

6: Go back to the game, and the event timer will show "0:00:00:00".

7: Claim the tier, and then go back to the main menu.

8: Repeat steps 4-7 till you completed the final tier.


  • If you claim the tier, but did not choose to "Claim" or "Claim and equip", you can still do the next step. However, the next tier will be filled with the previous tier's requirements (For example, tier 5 will be 50/60 because tier 4 requires 50), so you have to complete it. This only works for non-currency items, so claiming currency tiers will mess up the process.


  • The first person to demonstrate the glitch was a player named "FIRE PONY". However, it is unknown whether he's the discoverer or a representative of the actual discoverer.
  • You can tell if a player performed this glitch is by looking at either; his weapon (More like an event-only weapon) or his progress bar in the end-match board.
  • It was sometimes called the "Rish glitch" because a youtuber named "Spooky Stork Running Wild" uploaded a video of how to perform the glitch. The video's main intention was to make Digital Legends Entertainment fix it before it become widely used by many players. However, the video did not reach the developers.
    • This glitch is now fixed after Chase reported it to them, who's a popular Respawnables youtuber being sponsored by the developers (which is the reason why the report was successful).