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Respawnables -Thumper

This is the page where you will learn how to counter any player using the Thumper. While the Thumper is an extremely powerful weapon, this page will highlight weaknesses that can be exploited.

What is the Thumper?

The Thumper is a premium weapon that was awarded by completing a tier during one of the Grenade Fests (You needed 350 grenade kills to claim this weapon, 85 in the second Grenade Fest) or can be purchased seperately depending on times. It is a Grenade Launcher with a digital camo skin on it's handle and tip of the barrel. It is an Explosive Weapon that does MASSIVE damage to enemies. The Thumper's model itself promises a fun time. It is basically a Grenade Launcher mixed with the Flare Gun's break action reload, Shotgun's pump action system, Hunter Rifle's single ammo count and the Missile Launcher's explosion conditions (upon impact with anything).

Learn more about it here.

What To Do

  • If the Thumper user is running around, the best way is to use Spotter: Find him, hide, then try to surprise him since you know where he is.
  • Don't use any Weapons with low damage. Fast fire rate doesn't really help, since the enemy can turn around and kill you.
  • If you don't have Anti-Explosive Pack and even explosive resistance perks, equip Agility gear and try to make the Thumper user miss.
  • If he spots you, try to escape. If he tries to shoot you, try and go left and right to avoid shots.
  • If he manages to damage you and you survive, use your Medikit immediately.
  • You can also use one of the Snipers to headshot him. Only use this if you are an experienced sniper as he will probably shoot the second he sees you.
  • Using the Flare Gun may help, since those weapons will most likely instantly kill the player, if you have it.
  • Wear the full Anti-Explosive Pack. With this, you will survive up to 3 shots from the Thumper.
  • Try to get high ground so the Thumper user can't hit the floor near you and kill you with splash damage.
  • If you don't have Anti-Explosive Pack, use at least two parts of the Armors that gives 10% Health, buy both Health skills and both Explosive Damage Reduction skills to survive a single shot when at full Health.
  • Hide and sneak behind him then kill him.
Thumper Cutted

What NOT To Do

  • Don't hide around corners when he approaches you. This idea is not good as the Thumper has splash damage.
  • Don't bother using explosives, as the Thumper user will probably have the Anti-Explosive Pack equipped.
  • Don't try to kill him using the Blunderbuss or any other close range weapons as he will kill you quickly.
  • Don't use Stealth when he sees you and tries to shoot. It has a big area of splash damage .
  • Don't use automatic weapons as their kill rate is slow (unless if you're wearing any explosive-resistance arrmors).

What to wear


Head: Anti-Explosive Mask

Body: Anti-Explosive Vest

Legs: Anti-Explosive Pants

Black Hero Armor and Red Hero Armor are also recommended

Note: Players with 20% Health boost and the 20% resistance to explosives skill will be able to survive one Thumper grenade.

What Weapons to Use


Close Range: Any Shotgun preferably Blunderbuss, with Ambush strategy. (Unless the Thumper user is wearing the Close Quarters Equipment, which then you should use the Automatic Shotgun, Flare Gun or Noisy Cricket ).

Medium Range: Revolver, Hunter Shotgun or the Chemrail.

Long Range: For snipers, use the Hunter Rifle, Anti Material Sniper or the Semi-Automatic Sniper. It is also recommended to use the Howitzer Gun and Dragon's Breath Cannon when the Thumper user is not wearing the Anti-Explosive Pack.

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