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The Thumper is an explosive grenade launcher that explodes on impact. It was introduced during the Grenade Fest Update on May 28th, 2014 as an exclusive weapon prize for completing the Hand Grenade Fest (1). This weapon has been relaunched again on November 17, 2014 Hand Grenade Fest (2) as an event prize by completing the last tier.

For more information, check it out here.

Know your TacticEdit

Run And GunEdit

You run across the map, and shoot everything that moves. You must never hesitate to shoot. It is highly recommended to wear at least one of the Anti-Explosive Pack to make sure you survive the explosion of your weapon.

Thumper Transparent



Pick a high place, preferably without any space for ambushes. Then, you check the whole area around you, then shoot anything that moves. NO survivors allowed.


Well, this tactic is suicidal like its name. It is best to wear only one of the Anti-Explosive Pack, or none at all. Go near your target, then shoot the ground. This tactic is very effective during Ninja Path and Earth Day, as you will gain points without losing them. Although the latter is undeniably a slow process. This tactic is also good when you are losing and your ego says no to defeat. Thus, you may say it is a tactical auto kill, which it is.

Clothing and GadgetEdit


Clothing for this weapon must focus on the Health or the Agility. It is always a good idea to wear at least one or two part of the Anti-Explosive Gear

If you wish to not wear one, wear something that boosts at least 20% Health boost if you already bought both health perks AND both Reduce Damage by Explosives perks. Otherwise, you will most likely carry out Kamikaze tactic due to this weapon's powerful explosion. With this, you will survive ONE shot from this weapon if you were at full health before impact (otherwise there is no chance of surviving). However, it will leave you barely alive as one more shot from any weapon will surely kill you after the blast.

You can always wear either the Red Hero Armor or the Black Hero Armor if you have them, they greatly reduce the damage by 70% and 50% respectively.


If you want to survive longer in battle, use Medikit. Or for spotting every enemy, Spotter. If you don't like trouble, Stun Grenade will help.

Know your EnemiesEdit

Against other weapons:

Shotguns - They are extremely dangerous at close range, so take them out before they reach for you. Back off while shooting at them.

Automatic Weapons - As it will take some time for them to shoot you, you can take them out before they do so to you. If they happen to be very good, make sure you are moving, strafing right and left while shooting. If they are far away or you are losing too much health, take some cover.

Revolver - This weapon is a threat for every other weapons, Thumper included. Strafe a lot against it. Back off while doing so. Enganging them is a big mistake. Go defensive mode against them.

Flare Gun - This weapon is infamous for being the only one shot kill weapon in the game. Even with full Anti-Explosive Pack, this weapon is still able to kill you in a single shot. Strafe a lot and do not ever remain stationary. If you notice a Flare user in the map, keep your eyes out for them. They usually focus on agility, so one shot for them should take care of the problem. If you have to take some cover, do it.

Sniper - If they headshot you, you are done for it. Keep moving while shooting at them. Don't run straight towards them. Covers are very helpful against them.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit



The Thumper in action

  • The Thumper can inflict a massive amount of damage, which is able to kill low and medium armored players.
  • It has a long effective range
  • Great accuracy.
  • Explodes on impact unlike the grenade launcher.
  • Explosion radius is big.
  • Good agility
  • Short reloading time


  • The Thumper has only 1 round, making the user vulnerable when reloading
  • The grenade curves down whenever it is shot far away
  • Auto kills are common due to its damage, range and its explosive impact against players
  • Not effective against people wearing the Anti-Explosive Pack, Red Hero Armor and the Black Hero Armor
  • No auto-aim

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