The Thumper is a Grenade Launcher that was introduced in the Grenade Fest Update on May 28th, 2014 as an exclusive weapon prize for completing the Hand Grenade Fest (1), which was similar to the Hunter Rifle in the Easter Egg Hunt in April. It can only be obtained either by completing certain events, or by purchasing certain bundles as said.

  • Thumper Equipped (Front View).
  • Thumper As Part Of the Anti-Explosive Pack.
  • Thumper As Seen In The Loading Screen.
  • Dead Trigger's Thumper.
  • An M79 Grenade Launcher, probably the closest real life counterpart of the Thumper.
  • The weapon's reload animation (1).
  • The weapon's reload animation (2).
  • The Thumper with its own bundle.
  • TF2's Loch-n-Load Compared To Thumper.

Strategy and Tips

It is advised to wear at least one explosive damage reducing armor or a set with 30% Health when using the Thumper so autokilling wouldn't happen frequently. Like any other explosive weapons, the Thumper has no auto aim, but can defeat low armor players quickly. Use the Run And Gun strategy due to the gun's exceptional Agility and the explosive effect. Circle around players if the user has enough speed. Then fire it at the opponent. Make sure after one shot that wastes the ammo quickly reload. The reload is quick and is break action.


Here's a guide on how to use this weapon to it's fullest.

Here is a page to learn how to counter the explosive Thumper.

Weapon Analysis


  • It can inflict a massive amount of Damage, which is able to kill low and medium armored players.
  • It has a long effective range.
  • Great Accuracy.
  • Explodes on impact unlike the Grenade Launcher and Dual Grenade Pistols.
  • Explosion radius is extremely big.
  • Good Agility.
  • Quick reload time (reduced further by 1 second in the Halloween Update (2015).
  • Grenade curve can provide interesting kills for professional players.
  • The "rocket" actually travels fairly fast!
  • It's damage can be buffed by 25% with the "Wasp" Head equipped.



Respawnables -Thumper01:03

Respawnables -Thumper



The Thumper In Action.

  • The Thumper is the second limited-time weapon to return, and it the first weapon to be presented as a tier prize twice.
  • The name of the Grenade Launcher "Thumper" may try to point out to the real life break action Grenade Launcher where else this Thumper has a pumping slide mechanism which can only be found on the China Lake Grenade Launcher. The Thumper itself was a China Lake grenade launcher. But somehow it's stock resembles a Benelli M4 Shotgun.
  • The Thumper resembles a real life M79 Grenade Launcher.
  • It also resembles Dead Trigger 2's Grenade Launcher and Team Fortress 2's Loch-n-Load which is also a strong explosive weapon.
  • The first video about the Thumper review is suspected to be made by a hacker due to the fact the reviewers money is extremely a lot. Oddly, he is not banned.
  • Ironically, it is sometimes called Thumper Gun like in the description of the Grenade Fest Update.
  • According to the Respawnables Facebook page (Or other social media sites), the Thumper is the most demanded weapon during the times when it's not available.
  • Along with some other weapons, the large cross-hair (when moving) does not affect the Accuracy of the weapon at all.
  • The Thumper's blast range has been reduced after being relaunched again on November 17, 2014, during the Grenade Fest Update.
  • This weapon has the same stats as the Siege Cannon, the Dual Stake Launcher, the Ghost Cannon, the Rainbow's End and the Fireworks Cart.
  • The Thumper has the same reload animation like the Hunter Shotgun, though the Hunter Shotgun has 6 bullets in its cartridge whilst the Thumper with 1.
  • A new skin was added during the Summer Camp 2 Event.
  • The Thumper has been brought back the most times out of any Event weapon.
  • This was also in Modern Warfare 2, which also had a weapon called Thumper.
  • In the Soldiers Graduation (Update), this weapon also got the "Aqua" Skin!
  • It has the same stats as the Explosive Crossbow

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