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Providing Suppressive Fire with the Howitzer.

Suppressive Fire is a tactic in Respawnables that is similar to Camping.



Camping atop Sandtown

Suppressive Fire is the act of forcing an enemy or a group of enemies into cover without the fear of them fighting back, Weapons with High Ammo Capacity or High Damage such as the Howitzer gun can easily force even the most skilled players either into cover or into a defensive retreat and weapons with high ammo capacity such as the heavy machine gun along with the siege cannon can keep groups of enemies at bay.

Example :

Pros and Cons


  • Can make Enemies run away if their only equipped with a weak weapon and have no state/armor enhancements.
  • Makes enemies fight in a Defensive stance rather then an offensive stance.
  • Snipers are less likely to fire when their being suppressed


  • Heavily armored enemies from 15% until 30% (Desert equipment on) will keep fighting in an offensive stance.
  • Enemies with good weapons such as Revolver,Howitzer Gun,and mainly Blunderbuss will have no problem at dealing with this tactic.
  • Only suitable for Automatic Weapons or Weapons that Deal large amounts of damage that have a lot of ammunition spares.

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