The Striker Shorts are a new legs armor in the game. Introduced during the Soccer Madness Update, it can be obtained by purchasing the Striker Equipment for $11.99 Dollar1 or can be earned through the event.


Basically looks like the Close Quarters Pants without the "armed" feeling to it. Instead, orange you glad its football? The character wields orange shorts and knee caps. These are followed by high orange socks and green football boots.


The shorts provide a whooping 10% agility boost when equiped with dual assault weapons. Sow terror in your opponents' heart at full speed. The high agility can exploited best with the Run And Gun strategy. It is suggested to use high damaging or high rate of fire weapons such as Dual Revolvers and for the latter , JP-BEK. Run through the map at high speed and annihilate your enemies!


  • When equipped with the whole Striker Equipment, the dual assault weapons works best.