Shine as a soccer star and show your teammates how a pro plays.
— Game Descriptions

The bundle as seen in the shop

The Striker Equipment is a bundle that was introduced in the Soccer Madness (Event). This bundle costs $11.99 Dollar1.



The Striker Equipment contain armors which boost the range, accuracy and agility when equipped alongside only these 4 dual-wield weapons: JP-BEK, Dual Machine Guns, Dual Airsoft SMG and Dual Rookie Machine Guns.

When equipped with a dual wield weapon, it provides a total of 24% Agility boost, 10% Range boost and 5% Accuracy boost. The contents and Dual Machine Guns are best suited to be used for Run And Gun strategy. It is suggested to use Stun Grenade and/or Spotter with this pack for a maximum pleasure.

Since it provides no health boost , it can and will make you highly vulnerable to sniper shot and explosive shots. Hunter Rifle will be able to kill you in a single shot, Semi-Automatic Sniper will kill you with 2 bullets while Thumper and Dragon's Breath Cannon will kill you in 1 shot.


  • The bundle's preview
  • The whole set front view
  • The whole set back view
  • The exclusive skin for Dual Machine Guns
  • The Striker Headband
  • The Striker T-Shirt
  • The Striker Shorts
  • They can be earned!


  • This is the first bundle to boost attributes of the Dual Assault Weapons.
  • This is the second bundle to offer the Dual Machine Guns in it (but with a brand new skin) The first one being the Speedrun bundle.
  • This bundle used to offer the highest agility attributes of 24%, and the first bundle that doesn't need other gears to achieve the said boost (as long as any Dual Assault Weapons is equipped).