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This is a time mission that requires you to avoid enemy fire for 30 seconds after the match starts.


"Stay 30 seconds in a row without taking damage from any source."


  • 350 Cash icon
  • 650 Exp Points


  • You can stay out of the battle for 30 full seconds. Pick a good hiding place. It is better to choose a maze like map, like the Headquarters or The Rocket or the Westside District.
  • Use a gadget. (From the recommended one to the least)
    • Spotter will give you the location of the Bots, giving you chance to move away from them and avoid them. The cheapest way to do it, but with some more works(running) to do.
    • Stealth will give you invisibility for a limited time, but be sure to avoid any shots or explosions. It is best to use it with the Cyber Ninja Breastplate if you have it. A cheap way to do it, but quite effective.
    • Ninja Bomb will stun the nearest bot to you (very near!) and will grant you a temporary invisibility but not as long as the Stealth gadget. Still a good way to retreat from your enemy.
    • Immunity Shield will give you 5 seconds of full protection. But it is still risky to use this. The gadgets mentioned before works better than this.

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