Better quality starter pack image

Starter Pack (not to be confused with the Starter Box bundle) is a deal that contains the Dual Machine Guns, a Green Beret, 45 gold, 3750 cash and a Big XP Booster. It costs $12.99 Dollar1. It is helpful for beginners, but elite players/high ranking players may not find this deal very helpful as it does not provide the player with a large amount of cash or gold. The amount of cash and gold provided can be saved up for when doing missions etc.


Starter pack

Look Of The Starter Pack Deal.


  • This is the first time an equipment piece appears in a bundle, but renamed deals.
  • This is the first deal that once you pass a certain level it disappears.
  • If you delete the game and redownload it again you can buy this bundle.
  • The Big XP Booster was added to the deal later.

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