This is a page where you will learn how to counter the Stake Launcher. It may seem like an overpowered weapon at some times but after reading this article, it won't!
Stake Launcher

What is the Stake Launcher?

The Stake Launcher is a unique 4 shots weapon that immobilises its targets.

Learn more about it here.

What to Do

  • Outdamage the user, most newer weapons have higher damage, faster rate of fire, better accuracy, and/or better agility. If you're certain you could kill the user before he does, go ahead and shoot.
  • Same with when against most close to medium ranged weapons, WHILE shooting at him; Circle around, move left-right, or move in a half circle clockwise-counter clockwise motion to avoid getting hit.
  • When hit, NEVER try to outrun the user instead; especially if you're certain that you could kill him before he finish you off, keep shooting at him instead.
  • When closing the distance between the Stake Launcher user, NEVER ever run straight forward instead; move diagonally forward, half circle forward, or forward while doing zig-zags. It is recommended to do this THEN opening fire as soon as you're within your weapon's effective range.
  • If possible, snipe outside the Stake Launcher's range.

What NOT to Do

  • Don't run straight to the Stake Launcher user as getting hit would render you almost completely immobile (and "free kill" for the Stake Launcher user or other nearby players).
  • Stand still while being shot by the Stake Launcher user or while shooting at him.

What to Wear

Head: any Health/Agility Head piece.

Body: any Health/Agility Body piece.

Legs:  any Health/Agility Leg piece.

What Weapons to Use (suggested but not limited to)

Close Range: Blunderbuss, Dual Stake Launchers, and other close to long ranged weapons.

Medium Range: any medium to long ranged weapons.

Long Range: sniper, Battle Ram, and other long ranged weapon.

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