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  • The Old Design Of Stake Launcher.
  • The Stake Launcher At It's 85k Cash Price.
  • The Stake Launcher In Menu.
  • The Stake Launcher Equipped [Front View].
  • The Stake Launcher at the XP screen
  • The Stake Launcher in action.
  • A nail gun, where the inspiration of the weapon came from.
  • The stakes in real life.
  • The weapons reload animation (1)
  • The weapons reload animation (2)

The Stake Launcher is the 10th weapon available for purchase and is unlocked at level 12. It originally cost 15,000 Cash icon during its first day in the shop, before being raised into 85,000 Cash icon. The Halloween Sale caused it to have a discount of 50%. It boasts high Damage and Range coupled with decent Accuracy and Agility. However, now, it can only be obtained either through one of the bundles mentioned (on the right) or as a tiered prize in recent Halloween-themed events.


The Stake Launcher, due to its good Damage and Range, can be used to execute long range kills, at the cost of poor Accuracy. You get to move moderately fast with this weapon so it can be effective in retreating if your opponents are closing in on you, that is if they are still able to move.

The Stake Launcher may seem like another ordinary weapon, but it's specialty as a skill-reducing weapon allows it to reduce an opponent's Agility to just half a box, which is EXTREMELY slow, for 5 seconds. This is extremely effective, as long as one of your stakes hit the enemy, he will technically be frozen in place, and you can use the rest of the remaining stakes to finish him off. However, he would still be able to shoot you with his weapons and/or use his gadgets, so beware of what he's using and don't get too close.

That being said, although it would only take 2 or 3 stakes to kill most opponents, it only provides you four stakes, and although the reloading time isn't very slow, it can be enough time for someone to steal your kill, or worse, allow your opponent to take you out. In addition, although successful hits extend their immobilization, their fire rate does not decrease, and if left overlooked, can be extremely dangerous, especially in the case of Howitzer Gun or Noisy Cricket players.

Despite all of the disadvantages, this is a unique weapon that can add a bit of spice to the Game, and the amount of sadistic entertainment you get when you are killed, then evil laugh as the grenade you dropped kills the helpless slowed enemy.


Need help with this weapon? This guide can assist you

Tired of being killed by this gun? This guide can help you counter it.

Weapon AnalysisEdit


  • So far, it is the best Agility-reducing weapon along with the Dual Stake Launcher. It slows players more than the Proton Gun or the Zap Gun.
  • Good Range and Damage.
  • Decent Agility.
  • A useful weapon during the Hand Grenade Fest events such as 1, 2 and the Soccer Madness (Event).
  • The reload speed can be reduced by 25% with the Impaler's Coat.
  • Can be helpful during grenade fest events as it helps in slowing down the enemies hence making grenade kills a lot easier.
  • This weapon is classified as a Launcher weapon and thus it's damage can be buffed by 25% by the 'WASP' Helmet.


  • To kill a player, a full clip of the weapon is required, but if the guy has no armor, it'd only take 3 stakes.
  • Very slow projectile speed.
  • Horrible Accuracy at longer ranges.
  • Small clip (4).
  • Slowed enemies can still fire their weapons, meaning that firing the stakes very close could be fatal for you.


Respawnables - Stake Launcher

Respawnables - Stake Launcher


  • It's the second gun introduced in the game that can slows people down.
  • It's the first only exclusive gun that you can get without other world money.
  • In the Grenade Fest Update, many players in Multiplayer TDM mode suddenly used the Stake Launcher. This is because the Stake Launcher is the only weapon that slows down people after its shot, slowing somebody with this and then throwing a grenade will kill the opponent and it doesn't cost any gold/real life money.
  • The stakes appears to be stuck in the enemy's body when you shoot them as a cosmetic effect, and disappear/disintegrate after its effect is over.
  • You can't get the Stake Launcher anymore after the Halloween Update (2013) and the Monster Mash. If it shows up in the slots after a match, it is a glitch because it will NEVER show up even when you have enough money for it (85,000 Cash icon). A picture of the Stake Launcher in the XP screen is in the slideshow. (Note: The player did not have enough money for it).
  • In legends, the silver stakes are able to kill vampires quickly.
  • Shooting the Stake Launcher will not decrease the stakes in the clip. This is also applied to the Dual Stake Launcher.
  • This weapon, along with the Thumper, has three comebacks since it first came out.
  • Most probably based on the real-life Nail Guns.
  • It received its first skin and a new appearance in the Spooky Nights!
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