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This page has been protected to prevent editing by users who have specific roles on this wiki, as this page is either a high-traffic area or a main target for spam and/or vandalism. If you have an edit you want published to this page, please contact an administrator.

Here is the page of all the staff members. If you have any vandalism / spamming to report, or help needed, contacts one of our staff members below! These guys are the monitors of this wiki, without them this wiki would be a riot. But don't be intimidated, they're still fellow Respawners, just like you!

About the Ranks

Staff - The staff are people who work for the entire Wikia Community. Can demote Bureaucrats. Change Wikia and Wiki settings. Can close down Wikis. Can perma-ban users. Has the power of a Founder.

Founders -  Is the founder of a wikia. Has all the powers of a Bureaucrat.

Bureaucrats - Can promote users to Bureaucrats. Has all the powers of an Administrator.

Administrators - Can block people. Can change settings on the wiki. Has all the powers of a Content Moderator.

Content Moderator - Can edit the main page. Has all the powers of a Discussions Moderator.

Discussions Moderator - Can close, delete and open threads. Can delete comments. Can delete, restore pages. Has all the powers of a Rollback.

Rollbacks -  Can revert edits. Has all the powers of a Chat Moderator.

Chat Moderator- Can kick Autoconfirmed Users and New Editors from chat. Has all the powers of an Autoconfirmed User.

Autoconfirmed User - A user that has been part of any wikia for 5 days or more. Has no powers.

New Editor - A user that has been part of any wikia for less than 5 days. Has no powers.




Content Moderators

Discussion Moderators


Chat Moderators

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