• Sniper Rifle
  • Anti Material Sniper
  • Hunter Rifle
  • Semi-Automatic Sniper
  • DMR-003
  • Black-Naga
  • DV Carbine
  • Fire Clacker
  • Maskeleon Rifle
  • Rail Gun

Sniper Rifles are long range weapons that fires bullets with perfect accuracy. Most Sniper Rifles have a scope (except Black-Naga), deal high damage,has quite a slow fire rate with infinite range. Most of them has 4 bars of Damage, 4 bars of Accuracy and 4 bars of Range.

Currently, there are 10 weapons that are categorized as Sniper Rifles in the game, they are :

  1. Sniper Rifle: The first purchasable Sniper. Costs 7,000 Cash icon and got bolt action. It has 5 rounds.
  2. Anti Material Sniper: The second Sniper available, costs 490 GoldIcon and can be obtained from the Ninja Path Event with a red camo skin.
  3. Hunter Rifle: An exclusive Sniper available from the Easter Egg Hunt Event, which is currently expired. The Hunter Rifle came back in a bundle (Warrior Bunny Kit) during Easter Update 2. The bundle costed $11.99 Dollar1 with the full Warrior Bunny Kit. And they are came back in the bundle (Summer Camp Gun Collection) during Summer Camp 2.The bundle costed $11.99 Dollar1.
  4. Semi-Automatic Sniper: The final prize of the Summer Camp 2 Event.
  5. DMR-003: The second Sniper which comes in a bundle, it deals the most Damage of all Snipers. It is bolt action and can be only obtained by buying the Designated Marksman Kit which costs $11.99 Dollar1.
  6. Black-Naga: A sniper rifle without a scope but with crosshairs.
  7. DV Carbine: An automatic rifle that behaves like an assault weapon, except it has rather terrible accuracy.
  8. Fire Clacker: A very unique sniper rifle which also behaves like an assault rifle when not scoped in. This sniper deals damage comparable to that of DMR-003 and has the maximum rounds for a sniper, that is 35 rounds in a clip. This weapon can be obtainable by buying the Golden Fire Pack which costs $9.99 Dollar1 or from the Great Luck Chinese Pack which costs $49.99 Dollar1.
  9. Rail Gun: It is an event weapon that is obtainable by completing the Ultimate Soldier (Event), and is very similar to the Anti-Tank Type-33 in terms of Damage and Agility. It is also the first Energy-Based Sniper Rifle and the first weapon to pierce through walls, although not all walls.
  10. Golden Sniper: A better version of the Sniper Rifle with the stats of DMR-003

Armor Effects Edit

Certain armor pieces might affect above weapons: