Sniper Rifle Cutted

This is the page where you can learn more on how to counter the Sniper Rifle. It may seem hard to counter, but after you read this page, you won't think the same as before!

Sniper Rifle

The first of the Snipers, this 7,000 Cash icon worth weapon can be unlocked at level 8. Each shot damages the target severely, and fatal for headshots. Like all other of its kind, it lacks crosshair and fully dependent to its scope.

Learn more about it here.

What to Do

  • Ambush/Attack from behind of the enemy.
  • Strafe right and left when going to the user.
  • Take cover when the user is focusing at you.
  • Stun them!
  • Go for a short distance combat, and circle around them.
  • Don't stop running.
  • Use Spotter
  • If possible, equip the Biker Bandana to survive one shot at the body without any health boosting armor. Although, headshots are still fatal for you.

What NOT to Do

  • Standing still, including camping.
  • Run straight towards the user.

What to Wear

Head:  Any Head Armor that gives high Agility boost, or the Biker Bandana for 20% damage reduction. D.M. Cap is also recommended.

Body: Any Body Armor that gives high Agility boost.

Legs: Any Legs Armor that gives high Agility boost.

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Any Shotguns, Blunderbuss

Medium Range: Revolver, Grenade Launcher, Flare Gun

Long Range: Anti Material Sniper or Hunter Rifle, Howitzer Gun/Dragon's Breath Cannon, Scoped Assault Rifle

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