Siege Cannon

The Siege Cannon is an Automatic weapon that costs 500 Gold, it has the highest DPS in game.

To learn more about it, visit this page: Siege Cannon



Run And Gun: Not a very good idea as you may know that the Siege Cannon's crosshairs get much bigger if you move, so you would definitely want to stand still when combating other players. But you can still use this tactic. You must not let anyone get closer to you. Kill enemies from mid range. stand stil when shooting. Collect medal and search for your next target. Wearing mixture of accuracy and agility enhancing armors is recommended.

Camping: Since you'll be standing still most of the time, try to find a good camping spot, as coupled with the great damage and accuracy, the Siege Cannon is an amazing Camping weapon.


The best clothing to use with the Siege Cannon are health clothing, here's a few sets that you might want to use:

20% Health and 7% Agility.

20% Health and 10% Accuracy.

30% Health.

VS Other Weapons

When going up against these weapons, read these instructions:

Revolver: Just stand still and blast away, the Siege Cannon's DPS heavily outweights the Revolver's, though be careful if he attacks you from behind.

Shotguns and Blunderbuss: When engaging opponents wielding these weapons at longer ranges, just shoot, but when you encounter them at Closer ranges, DON'T back down, keep shooting. While they might kill you, you can still highly injure them and even kill them with your own Death From Below.

One Shot Kill weapons: One Shot Kill weapons like the Flare, Cricket, and Thumper can be a huge problem for the Siege Cannon due to it's low agility. So when facing these players, face them at longer ranges or when you just have the upper hand, or you'll die.

Snipers: Snipers can also be troublesome for the Siege Cannon. Since experienced Snipers can easily land headshots from afar. When encountering a sniper, shoot him, just shoot him. The Siege Cannon has a High RoF so it's gonna cause major screen shake.


One of the most recommended gadgets to use alongside the Siege Cannon is the Medikit and the Immunity Shield. Though it's not advised to use the latter since it costs gold and is much harder to purchase.

Dos and Don'ts


  • As suggested above, wear health boosting armors or health+accuracy boosting armors as increasing agility won't help much.
  • The screen shakes a lot when firing continuously, making it difficult to make a long range kill sometimes. A solution to this is taking a quick and very small break (0.5 second) when shooting
  • The heavy weight of this weapon makes if difficult for you to dodge bullets. Hence, camp in places that provide cover and a clear view of the field.
  • If the enemy is close (close-mid range) then try aiming for the head.
  • before you start shooting at your opponent, make sure that the weapon is reloaded.
  • Kill enemies with sniper and long range weapons first (only if there are no enemies near you or aiming at you.
  • Always find higher ground for camping.
  • make sure that theres a wall or a similar object behind.


  • Don't move when shooting (unless you are an experienced player), doing this will drastically reduce the accuracy of this weapon.
  • Do not wear only agility boosting armors. Even additional 21% agility will not help you in a battle.
  • Do not reload when an enemy is approaching you or shooting at you. (Unlesss you are out of ammo)
  • Do not stand in the centre of an open area.
  • Do not chase your opponent. This weapon has a long effective range.
  • Do not try to hide behind corners or near sharp turns
  • Do not panic if someone is shooting at you from a mid/long range (with an smg or similar weapon that will not kill you in a single shot), just aim and start shooting at your opponent and there's a high possibility that you'll kill him before he does.
  • It is suggested to not use this weapon in small maps like the Headquarters and The Rocket as these maps are more suitable for close and mid range weapons. (unleass you are an expert)

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • High DPS.
  • Amazing Accuracy when Standing Still.
  • High Ammo (90 rounds).
  • Can easily outdamage most weapons.
  • Long Range.
  • Can move faster than wearing any heavy weapons.
  • It's quite rare to find other Siege Cannon players online, so rivals aren't common.
  • The Siege Cannon is a feared weapon, so most enemies will usually escape once you start firing.


  • Accuracy is terrible when Moving.
  • Agility is still quite slow.
  • Still hard to go up against lots of enemies.

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