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The Shotgun is a cash weapon unlocked at level 4, which costs 3,000 cash.

A full page about Shotguns is found here.

Shotgun may also refer to:

Gold Weapons

  • Double Barrel Shotgun, an expensive gold weapon that inflicts very high damage at close range.
  • Plasma Shotgun, an expensive gold weapon that can also be obtained as a prize in the Ghostbusters 30th event.
  • Blunderbuss, while it does not have "Shotgun" in its name, it is almost as the same as it shoots out pellets. Although, it is not considered as a shotgun.

Other Weapons

See also

  • Vulcan Dynamite, a mission mode bot that is equipped with the Shotgun.
  • Duck Hunting, an achievement that can be unlocked by killing 25 mission enemies using the Shotgun.
  • Close Quarters Mask, a head armor that reduces the Shotgun's damage by 60%.

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