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Shockwave Launcher

Skockwave Launcher

The Shockwave Launcher is a well balanced weapon introduced during the Earth Day Update. This potential one-shot kill weapon costs $14.99 Dollar1 from the The Protector's Kit bundle. It is neither an explosive nor an energy based weapon. This weapon multiplies points earned in Earth Day event by 5 times.

For more information about this weapon, you may check it here.


There are two best strategies: Run And Gun and Camping.

Long ranged kill

_For Run And Gun, shoot your target at mid or close range; although, try to avoid from shooting from a very short range as you might get caught in the blast. You must be accurate and fast, as this weapon doesn't have auto-aim. Target their feet, or if possible their bodies.

_For Camping, pick your camping spot, preferably on a high ground. The bullets are fairly fast, so long ranged kills are more than possible. Although, you will need some practices with this tactic, as you will have to predict where to shoot. The blast radius is quite big (almost as big as the player), so if it is slightly missed, it will still damage the target.


The bundle

You can either shoot one shot at a time, or hold the shoot pad for a rapid shot. Caution! The reload takes a long 3 seconds, which leaves you very vulnerable. You might want to take cover during this time and remember, there is no auto aim for this weapon, so it's really up to your skills to make this weapon the most powerful weapon in the match, or otherwise.

 What to Wear/Use


Head: Any Head armor with 7% Agility or 10% Health

Body: Any Body armor with 7% Agility or 10\12% Health or 10/12% Accuracy

Legs: Any Leg armor 7% Agility


_Spotter is very useful to spot enemies from afar to quickly kill them before they reach you.

_Medikit can be used when fighting against Minigun and automatic weapons users. As those weapons have a very high dps, you will need medikit to survive

_Stun Grenade can be used against the Shotgun users. As they come at close range, you will need this gadget to render them harmless

Against Other Weapons

Automatic Weapons - Strafe right and left while fighting them. Take some cover if you have to. This weapon's high Damage will do fine against them, but you will need a very steady and accurate fingers to shoot.

Shotguns - As these weapons are extremely dangerous in close range battle, take them out before they get closer to you. Target for their feet. Make sure to back off while shooting. If they ever got close to you, strafe right and left. Although this is not an effective method for most of the time.

Explosive Weapons - Take a lot of cover. Best if you attack them at long range. Upon face to face combat, don't hesitate to shoot.


Short ranged kill

Revolver - This weapon is quite a threat. Strafe a lot when confronting this weapon. If you have to, take cover or hide behind walls while shooting at them. If they are far away from you, engage the Camping strategy. If confronting them at close range, strafe and shoot.

Flare Gun - Shoot the user while strafing right and left. Never let them come near to you. Back off whenever you can.

Snipers - Against them, if they exposed themselves, it is easy. Just don't let them see you, target and shoot. If they are hiding, take another way to their place, and carefully attack them from behind. If the sniper is expecting you (usually they will), be very careful. Either you stun them first, or strafe/move a lot while shooting at them. If the sniper is a pro, he can headshot you right when you expose yourself. Gadgets will help against these pros.



  • High Damage and high rate of firing.
  • Long Range and fast bullets.
  • Neither explosives nor energy based.
  • Good Accuracy.
  • Huge blast radius.
  • Decent Agility.


  • No auto aim.
  • Long reload time.
  • Small clip.
  • Can auto kill if too close.

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