Why choose between Monster or Warlock when you can be better than both?
— Game Descriptions.
Shadow Hunter

The Shadow Hunter Pack is a limited new bundle that was released during the Halloween Update (2014) and came back during the Monster's Spook week from Halloween Haunt. It features three new exclusive armors and the exclusive Darkness Combo Guns. It provides 14% Agility and 10% Health beside special equipment abilities which are listed on each of the gears articles.

The bundle is a "hybrid" of both the Warlock and Monster bundles, which causes every piece of the bundle to be Monster and/or Warlock tagged.
  • Darkness Combo Guns equipped.
  • Shadow Hunter Braid equipped.
  • Shadow Hunter Guard equipped.
  • Shadow Hunter Pants equipped.
  • The bundle

This bundle can only be purchased with real world money. However, this bundle was sold once more during the Memorial Weekend Sale, for $11.99 Dollar1.

Contents Edit

Equipment abilities Edit

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  • Shadow Hunter Braid - +60% damage while using Monsters and/or Warlocks tagged weapons and muliply the points you earn in week three of the Halloween Haunt by four
  • Shadow Hunter Guard - +60% resistance to Monsters and/or Warlocks tagged weapons
  • Shadow Hunter Pants - +7% Agility when equipping Monster and/or Warlock tagged weapon

Strategy Edit

Shadow hunter pack

The weapon has poor accuracy and range so attempting to get long-range kills is nearly impossible. That being said, the weapon deals high damage at close range. At close-range, it can kill a player in 4-5 shots. Equipping the Shadow Hunter Braid will provide a massive 60% boost in damage when using the Darkness Combo Gun or any Monster/Warlock tagged gun. With the Braid equipped, players can be taken out in 2-3 shots.

As such, it is best to use the weapon on small maps such as either Sandtown or Headquarters.

The Shadow Hunter Guard provides 60% reduction from Monster/Warlock tagged gun, allowing you to survive longer when going up against one. The Shadow Hunter Pants provide a 10% boost to Health, along with a boost to agility when equipped with Monster/Warlock tagged guns. Equipping the whole set with the Darkness Combo Guns will give 14% boost in agility and 10% boost in health, along with a bonus 7% boost to agility.

In total, this set provides 21% agility and 10% health. However, no Accuracy boost is provided so take care not to miss.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the first weapon to have a combination of two different bundle guns into one set (despite being in different colors).
  • When the Darkness Combo Guns fire, the firing sound matches the Howitzer, only quicker.
  • It made a comeback in the Memorial Weekend Sale.

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