Bundle Deal

Sets are pieces of armor and equipment that come together to form a more aesthetically pleasing product. These sets, when combined can not only make a player deadly due to the skill-enhancers they boost (of course, leaving out the Private Equipment, the first set given to you free which has none), you look good in them too! Well, most of them. Some sets can be used as a form of disguise (the Trapper Hat in the Snow Equipment blends with the black rock and the snow set blends with the snow in snowlands). The Yeti is almost fully white for snow lands. etc.). Some sets can be completed by buying the pieces of armor separately or by purchasing a paid bundle, which contains the set of armors. Some can also obtained by winning them in events.


Here is the list of the sets with pieces of armor that can only be bought separately in the shop with cash or gold.

  • The Android Equipment
  • The Snow Equipment
  • The Cyborg Equipment
  • The Ranger Equipment
  • The Desert Equipment
  • The Rioteer Equipment

While some sets can only be completed by obtaining the armor pieces manually, some can be completed by purchasing bundles that contain all of the armor pieces needed in the set.

  • The One Shot, One Kill Bundle
  • Equipment found inside of the One Shot, One Kill Bundle
  • The Speedrun Bundle
  • The Speedrun Equipment that you get in the bundle
  • The Juggernaut Bundle
  • The Juggernaut eqipment inside of the bundle
  • The MIB Special Agent Gear Bundle
  • The MIB Special Agent Gear Bundle equipment
  • The Santa's Gear Bundle
  • The Santa's Gear bundle equipment
  • The Yeti Bundle
  • The Yeti Bundle equipment
  • The Urban Ops Pack Bundle
  • The Urban Ops Pack equipment
  • The Easte Bunny Set Bundle
  • The Easter Bunny Set equipment
  • The Spec Ops Pack Bundle
  • The Spec Ops Pack equipment
  • The Anti - Explosive Pack Bundle
  • The Anti - Explosive Set equipment
  • The Close Quarters Pack Bundle
  • The Close Quarters Pack equipment
  • Egons Ghostbusters Kit Bundle
  • The Egon's Ghostbuster Kit equipment
  • The Warlock Gear Bundle
  • The Warlock Gear equipment
  • The Monster Gear Bundle
  • The Monster Gear equipment
  • The Shadow Hunter Pack Bundle
  • The Shadow Hunter Pack equipmet
  • Classic Santa's Gear Bundle
  • The Classic Santa's Gear equipment
  • The Cyber Ninja Gear Bundle
  • The Cyber Ninja Gear equipment
  • The Elysium Bundle
  • The Elysium equipment

There is, however, two packs that are no longer purchasable. The Bio Hazard (Bundle) was retired when the Monster Gear was released for the Halloween Update. Here is a list of retired bundles.

  • The Bio Hazard Bundle
  • The Bio Hazard equipment
  • The Starter Box Bundle
  • The Starter Box equipment


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