Having trouble using the Semi-Automatic Sniper? You can learn how to use it here.

What is the Semi-Automatic Sniper?


The Semi-Automatic Sniper is the same as the normal Anti Material Sniper but with two differences: it does not have a large clip (2 rounds), and its rate of firing is much faster. So you can't kill more than 2 enemies in a secession and will have to reload often. It can only be obtained by completing tier 20 of week 4 for in the Summer Camp 2 Event.


Camping Same way like the normal Sniper Rifle, click here to see the camping way of any Sniper.

Run And Gun Although run and gun with a Sniper may seem contradictory and odd, it can be done with this gun. It needs big amount of skills to pull it off though.

What to Wear/Use

SAM scoped in

The scope


Or you can use this combos below:


Like any other sniper, it is best to use Spotter.

Against Others

  • Shotguns: It is a no brainer they will kill you in close combat, so stay away from them and never get closer. Although in case if they get too close, use Stun Grenade to prevent them from getting too close, but remember to watch out for your surrounding, cause you might also stun both you and your enemy in the process.
  • Other Snipers: You have a huge advantage in terms of Damage per Second and overall Damage, so just play fast and destroy them.
  • Revolver and Hunter Shotgun: Both of these versatile weapons are hard to beat, so try to attack them when they're unaware or weakened.
  • Battle Ram: Be very careful, Battle Ram is very effective at both close and long range, so play smart and wait for the right moment to strike.

Dos and Don'ts


In Real Life


  • Click here to see what to do with a Sniper in general.


  • Click here to see what to avoid when using a sniper type weapon.
  • Don't just press the fire button, hold it down for about 0.5 seconds. This way, you will be able to shoot both your rounds really quickly.

Advantages and Disadvantages




  • No bolt action.
  • Good reload time.
  • Very good Agility.
  • Kills everybody that have 25% Health and below with both shots on the body (unless Biker Bandana is equipped).
  • EXTREMELY fast fire rate. It takes less then half a second to fire both rounds.
  • Clear scope unlike Hunter Rifle, scope doesn't turn red when scoped.


  • Low clip size
  • Auto aim when scoping aims at the body, making aiming for the head a bit difficult.
  • Anybody with 30% Health or the Biker Bandana with 10% Health can survive both shots (assuming no headshot).

Is it worth it?

The stats and advantages make this weapon well worth spending the time to get, But it is an event weapon and only available during Summer Camp 2 event. Many players says that its way better than Hunter Rifle. Because two Semi-Auto Sniper shots deals more damage than one Hunter Rifle shot.

A More Detailed Guide

Still can't get it? Try this page. This page contains a general idea about the snipers, a more detailed guides and FOUR videos on sniping.

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