This is a page where you will learn how to counter the Scoped Rocket Launcher. It may seem like an overpowered weapon some times but after reading this article, it won't!

What is the Scoped Rocket Launcher?

Respawnables - Scoped Rocket Launcher01:03

Respawnables - Scoped Rocket Launcher

The scoped Rocket Launcher is a rocket launcher that cost 150,000 Cash icon. It has 3 rockets in its clip and has a firing rate slower than the Missile Launcher but faster than the Bazooka. It has a scope that is coloured green. 

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What to Do

Scoped Rocket Launcher1

The Scoped rocket launcher preview

  • Wear the Anti-Explosive Pack, the full set or just one of them. This will render the Scoped Rocket Launcher useless.
  • If you are a speed player, run as fast as you can to the Scoped Rocket Launcher user, but keep strafing so the explosions can't hit you.
  • In long range, counter it with other powerful explosives such as the Howitzer Gun or use any Sniper Rifle.
  • Take advantage of its bad agility and long reload time.

What NOT to Do

  • Don't run straight to the Scoped Rocket Launcher user, it's suicide.
  • Try not to fight him close range, you will probably get killed quickly.
  • Don't stand still. You will most likely die.
  • Don't stand next to a wall.

What to Wear

Head: Anti-Explosive Mask

Body: Anti-Explosive Vest

Legs: Anti-Explosive Pants

Scoped Rocket Launcher1

What Weapons to Use

Close Range:  any of the Shotguns preferably blunderbuss.

Medium Range: Revolver, Chemrail, Missile Launcher.

Long Range: Howitzer Gun, any sniper.

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