Scoped Rocket Launcher Cutted

Scoped Rocket Launcher

Some people said that this weapon is a ripoff. Some said otherwise. While there are some flaw about this weapon, there are also some traits that if used effectively will results a good gameplay. This page will give some tips and guides to use this weapon effectively.

Scoped Rocket Launcher

It is basically an evolved Bazooka with two extra ammo, each damages as much as a Bazooka's rocket. Unlocked at level 41, this weapon's price of 150,000 Cash icon is quite high for many players.


Old Design Of Scoped Rocket Launcher.

As indicated in the name, this weapon has a usable scope.

For more information, you may check it here


This weapon is very slightly faster than other of its kind. Since its Rate of Firing (RoF) is quite bad, you will need a good finger to target your opponent, not to mention its moderately slow rockets.

Use Camping tactic with Run And Gun strategy at the same time. Run all around the map. Whenever you spot an enemy from afar, start targeting and shooting. If the opponent is close, back off while shooting. Only use the scope when shooting at a camping opponent. Although there is no guarantee that that camper will continue camping or not.

Important: Always reload whenever there is nobody around you. This is due to the fact the reloading time is very long.

What to Wear/Use


Use both Agility and Health boosting gear. This is so that you can run fairly fast while can withstand some damage. It is even better if you equip Anti-Explosive Pack, or best Red Hero Armor if you have it.


Medikit is very common among this weapon's users. Spotter is very useful when you are camping, able to take out every hiding opponents before they can even do anything. Stun Grenade is quite rare seen along with this weapon, even though it is effective against people with complete set of Anti-Explosive Pack, especially if they are equipping the same weapon or the Thumper itself.


New skin!

Stealth will make you a the most fearsome and dangerous camper in the match. Immunity Shield is great to protect you from others and yourself. Although, the last two are expensive as they cost Gold.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Reload whenever possible.
  • Use scope only for making long range kills.
  • Shoot at your enemy's feet in mid and close range combats.
  • Try to attack from a higher ground.
  • Make every shot count.
  • Strafe only if your enemy has a very powerful weapon otherwise strafing or moving left-right will reduce your Accuracy.
  • Keep a good distance from enemies equipped with close range weapons.
  • Take cover if you are taking heavy fire.
  • Camp only if your Accuracy is very good.
  • Move from cover to cover when moving around the map.
  • Take cover or hide when reloading.


  • Do not reload during a CQC battle (unless you are out of ammo)
  • Do not use the run and gun technique in a huge and open map.
  • Do not run straight towards the enemy.
  • Do not aim for the head.
  • Do not engage in a battle if your health is low.
  • Do not let the enemy get closer to you and don't do the opposite too, bacause this weapon is good at long and mid range only.
  • Do not stand just still if your enemy has long range weapon or is shooting from a mid or close range.
  • Do not wear accuracy boosting gear unless you want to.

Against Others

Shotguns - These weapons are very dangerous at close range. So, take them out at long ranged combat. Hunter Shotgun, on the other hand is equally dangerous at both close and long ranged battle. So, take some covers while shooting at them (be careful not to auto kill yourself). Just in case you got caught in short ranged battle, strafe and shoot.

Automatic Weapons - Just take them out them before they do it to you. Shoot them upon sight. If you are injured or are reloading, take cover.

Explosive Weapons - Since your movement is slower, these weapons poses great threat to you. Shoot them upon sight. If they are equipping the explosive resistant gears, you will have to shoot them a lot more than usual. Take some covers when doing this. Every time you are up against the, you will realize how very dependent you are to your gadgets. Again, covers are helpful against them to protect yourself for a while.

Snipers - If you are not aware of them, you are an easy target for headshots. Make sure to move a lot, and search for any sniper around the map. If you got shot and survive, take cover or use your Medikit. Be sure to take them out first. Shoot every potential sniping spots if you have to. If they didn't notice you, you may use the scope.

Revolver - Shoot them upon sight, before they can reach you at mid long range. If you missed, they can inflict severe damages, or worst kill you. Make sure you take some covers when they are coming towards you. If they ever manage to get close to you, make sure to strafe and shoot, even though it is likely for you to Kamikaze yourself.

Flare Gun - This weapon is the main problem against this weapon. This is due to the fact that this weapon is quite slow in agility. Thus, strafing is pretty hard to do. So, kill them at long range and don't let them even get close to you. If they are close enough, it is most likely game over for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages


New Skin.



  • Low Agility
  • Auto kills can be often if not carefully used
  • Small amount of ammo
  • Long reload time
  • The rocket travel speed is a little bit slow when shot at long range

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