• Old Design Of Scoped Rocket Launcher.
  • Scoped Rocket Launcher In Menu.
  • Scoped Rocket Launcher (Chinese Skin) In Menu.
  • Scoped Rocket Launcher Equipped [Front View].
  • The Scoped Rocket Launcher's Scope Reticle.
  • As Seen In-Game.
  • Skin As Seen In-Game.
  • The SMAW Rocket Launcher was the inspiration for the Scoped Rocket Launcher.
  • The weapon's Christmas skin being claimed!
  • The weapons reload animation (1)
  • The weapons reload animation (2)

The Scoped Rocket Launcher is the 26th weapon available for purchase, costs 150,000 Cash icon, and is unlocked at level 41. It boasts high Damage, moderate Range and Agility, and low Accuracy. It can hold three rockets.


The Scoped Rocket Launcher has improved slightly from its weaker counterpart (Bazooka). It is able to hold 3 rockets instead of 1, has a scope and has more Agility than its single missile counterpart. Because this weapon has a scope, you are able to get accurate shots at longer ranges, especially when trying to shoot into small gaps.

Warning: the reloading time for this weapon is REALLY long (longer than the Bazooka's reload speed), and you might want to reload ONLY when there is no one around (this is similar to the Missile Launcher and the Howitzer Gun).


Need practice with this weapon? Try this page.

Here is a page where strategies of countering the Scoped Rocket Launcher are.

Weapon AnalysisEdit



  • Very poor reload speed (4.7sec), leaving the user EXTREMELY vulnerable to death
  • Slow fire rate.
  • Expensive for a decent weapon.
  • Slow rocket speed, meaning enemies from long range can easily avoid it.
  • Auto kill is possible if careless.
  • Not effective on opponents wearing explosive resistant armours


Respawnables - Scoped Rocket Launcher

Respawnables - Scoped Rocket Launcher


  • The Scoped Rocket Launcher resembles the SMAW Rocket Launcher.
  • It was obtainable for free during the Chinese New Year (Event) by completing tier 5, with a brand new red skin and golden trim.
  • It could also be obtained for free with its red skin by completing tier 3 of the second trial of the Chinese New Year 2.
  • The skin version of this weapon, has red rocket, instead of the usual grey color. This can be seen when the player is reloading.

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