This is the page where you can learn more on how to counter the Scoped Assault Rifle.

What is the Scoped Assault Rifle?

The Scoped Assault Rifle is an assault rifle that has a faster firing rate than the Assault Rifle. It costs 10,000 Cash icon and has 35 bullets in its clip. It has a scope in it and has 4 bars of range. The scope allows headshots to be made at a distance which makes it a deadly weapon when used properly.

Learn more about it here.

What to Do

  • Stagger left and right to avoid the bullets.
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  • Use Medikits to make your health full.
  • Try to attack at close range with Shotguns.
  • Ambush the player.
  • Try to use weapons that can cause high damage to the player.
  • When you realize that your health is dropping, quickly find cover.

What NOT to Do

  • Stand still.
  • Staying in open spaces if the enemy is at long range.
  • Running straight towards the user's line of sight.
  • Attack the user while injured, with only a quarter health.

What to Wear

Head: Any Head Armor that has 5% Health or more

Body: Any Body Armor that has 5% Health or more

Legs: Any Legs Armor that has 5% Agility or more

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Any Shotgun

Medium Range: Revolver, Dual Machine Guns, Chemrail, Hunter Shotgun

Long Range: Any Sniper, Howitzer Gun

Overall: Any weapons above it works.

Respawnables - Scoped Assault Rifle00:25

Respawnables - Scoped Assault Rifle

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