Make the roads your territory with this legendary biker pack.
— Game Description
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The Road Warrior Pack is a limited bundle that was released during Summer Camp 2. It was purchasable for $11.99 Dollar1.


"Make the roads your territory with this legendary biker pack."


For Summer Camp 2, this bundle proved to be a great help. All of its contents are made for the event. 20% might be small for some, but it may be your lifesaver! It may even ease your way to the great victory during the event. Thus, a good bundle to have, for the event and the future releases.


Road Warrior


  • This bundle brought the first gear to resist damage caused by Snipers.
  • This bundle was on a few pictures before the bundle was out, so people knew about it before.
  • This is the third bundle to have an event weapon with a skin, The first being the Warrior Bunny Kit
  • Oddly, in many (even in-game) images the Road Warrior is seen as laterally inverted. This can easily be observed by the position of the heart badge and the strap on the Road Warrior's vest
  • Wearing the head, body, and legs armor included in the pack makes you look like Boris the Animal from the movie Men In Black 3. (When Agent J travels in time to the 1960s, July 15 1969, to be precise)
  • The bundle returned after the Winter Camp 2016 ended.
    The resemblance

    The resemblance is very much alike.