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What is the Revolver?

The Revolver is a Weapon that is considered by a lot of people to be the best Cash Weapon in the Game. Despite its Power, Accuracy and Range, it is only powerful if the player is skilled with using it. This page will therefore act as a Guide for people on using the Revolver and provide useful tips and and suggestions.
Revolver Cutted


How to use it?

Always Reload

While this Weapon kills quickly, the clip size holds only a meagre 6 shots and you'll find yourself out of ammo in the middle of a fight if you don't reload after each skirmish. The only exception to this rule is if all enemies in the area are low on Health or distracted, and even then, be cautious.

Know your Weaknesses

The Revolver is weaker when up against short range weapons, such as the Blunderbuss. If forced to engage an enemy such as this at close range, back away from the enemy while firing. Another technique is to strafe around to the side if the enemy is running straight at the player. Odds are, they won't be able to recover and switch direction by the time they have been killed. Or just shoot them once you see them, 3 shots will get the job done. The Revolver can also be rendered weak by long range weapons. When encountering a Player with a Long Range weapon, take cover and sneak up on him.

Real life Rvolver

Against other revolver players

Revolver duelling is a sacred art! When up against another revolver player, strafe left and right. Try to make them miss by always moving. In most revolver duels, the one who makes the first shot wins. To ensure victory, use spotter gadgets to see where the enemy is and predict when to fire. Utilize corners to take the enemy by surprise.

Some weird information. There is a mission called performing monkey which is to get 3 kills by exploding a barrel with the revolver. The revolver can explode a barrel with one bullet. Other guns, like assault rifles etc. take about 2 or 3 shots to explode a barrel. This is probably because the revolver is very powerful. 



Preview of the Revolver

Run-and-Gun: patrolling high traffic areas and making laps around the map.

  • Small maps like Sandtown and Headquarters work best.
  • Usually results in more kills, however. players are more vulnerable to camping.

Defend: Watch over one line of sight or area, useful in team battles.

  • Any map with a decent vantage point such as the sunken submarine on Frozen Bay works well.
  • Most effective on larger maps such as Royal Garden.
  • Always utilize cover.
  • However, this may be considered camping by other players.

Ambush: take a route behind enemy lines and surprise them!

  • This works well on indoor maps, the difficulty is avoiding the enemy until the player can come up behind them. This makes it easy to pick off targets in team fights and jump to an early lead.
  • Try to take a route that isn't used often; the Spotter will reveal where the enemy team is coming from.
  • Use the Circle around tactic, Surrounding someone in a circle while attacking gives an advantage for playing team battles. It gives the defender lost the target to kill the attacker.

What to wear/use



Useful gadgets and recommended clothes to wear:

Spotter: reveals the location of enemies for a short amount of time, useful for surprising Opponents/Running from them when injured.

Medikit: instantly recovers all your health. Useful if you get caught by surprise or are up against multiple enemies, or you're in low health and you got caught by some enemies.

Stealth: great for the ambush strategy, you won't be revealed unless you get shot or shoot. However, beware of fully automatic weapons and explosives.


Since the Revolver is an all-around weapon, it is possible to change your clothing to suit your play style. Here are just a few of the load outs to take based on the strategies above.There are also clothes that can increase damage,range and fire rate of this weapon. i suggest using those clothes

The Tank


Head: Desert Helmet, Body: Desert jacket, Legs: Desert pants, Gadget: Medkit

Or... Body Set: Anti-explosive armour, gadget :Medkit

Provides +30% to health and/or 60% explosive reduction! This loadout is better for defending one point of the map since players have high health and not as much manoeuvrability. The medikit ups your survival rate. This loadout is also good for prolonged firefights.


Head: Ranger, Body: Swamp body, Legs: Desert legs, Gadget: Spotter

This is a good all-around setup which allows players to move around the map fairly quickly as well as have a decent health boost. The spotter gadget allows you to see all enemies and provide a great tactical advantage, especially for ambushing. Useful for the run-and-gun and ambush techniques.


Head: Rioter's mask, Body: Swamp body, Legs: Urban pants, Gadget: Stealth

This setup is deadly! The combination of the maxed agility (21% boost) and the stealth allows players to sneak up on enemies and strike quickly. This is very reliant on the player being able to leave fights quickly as health receives no boost with this setup. Useful for the ambush technique. Best used for Run And Gun

"Simply Exosuit"

Armour: Exosuit, Gadget: Spotter

This setup is very similar to the gunslinger setup except instead focusing more on speed and accuracy and less on health. You will be able to run super fast with your massive agility (20% boost) and have decent accuracy (10% boost), but your health will be lower at an only 5% boost. You will have a ton of speed with other descent stats so you are able to run quickly towards your opponent and use your spotter gadget to find your enemies. Useful for the Run And Gun technique.

"Balanced set"

Head: Desert Helmet, Body: Urban Fighter Vest, Legs: Urban Pants.

This set is incredibly balanced and quite cheap. It's useful for almost any combat situation.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • One of the most reliable weapons in the game.
  • High range, can pick up guys from long range.
  • High agility and quick reload speed.
  • Unique hidden "perk" that increases the headshot chance of the Revolver if an enemy is shot when running straightly to the Revolver user.
  • One-shot kill if it's a headshot
  • Very accurate and highly versatile.
Revolver New Skin Cutted


  • Low ammunition
  • Damage decreases if the enemy's position is farther than the "3-shot-kill" range.
  • Sometimes, people with 21% speed and skill perks can escape the Revolver.
  • Damage is higly decreased if enemy is quite far.
  • Sometimes weak against Camping.
  • Can be rendered obsolete by close range weapons in CQB
  • If the user is weak in using the gun, he will get defeated easily by the other players.
  • The damage was nerfed by Brazillian Warrior Vest which was releases during the Carnaval Update

Revolver Information

Here is the revolver page where you can find information about it.

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