Revolver Cutted

The Revolver is known by some to be the best Weapon in Respawnables. This Guide will help players deal with the Revolver.

What is the Revolver?

The Revolver is a high-powered pistol with 6 bullets in the clip. This gun has great damage, moderate range, excellent agility and accuracy. It is a common sight in both Multiplayer modes.  

Revolver New Skin Cutted

Learn more about it here.

What To Do

  • Shoot the Player from afar due to the fact that the Revolver has mid-range.
  • Strafe around the Player and shoot him with Shotguns.
  • Move around so the Player can't shoot you.
  • If you're using Automatic Shot weapons, shoot him at sight. Don't hesitate, cause if they shoot you first, you will most likely die. It takes usually 2-3 Seconds for the Revolver Player to die when shot with most Automatics.
  • Move side to side to make your opponent miss
  • Use Medikit when your health is starting to decrease because of the damage taken by the Revolver. It is useful since the Revolver isn't Insta-Kill.
  • Avoid engaging with the enemy at mid range and try to ambush him from the behind or take him out from a camping spot at long range.
  • Stun them using Energy Grenade or Stun Grenade. Although, the latter is much more cheaper.

What NOT To Do

  • Do not run straight at the player.
  • Do not stand still while shooting (ex:camping)
  • Do not wait till the player shoots you then counter.
  • NEVER fight him in an open mid range area.

What to Wear

Head: Any Head Armor that gives you 10 Health

Body: Any Body Armor that gives you 10 Health/Accuracy or the Brazilian Warrior Vest

Legs: Any leg armor with 7 Agility.

Armors: Exosuit

The first clothing has better Health and equal accuacy compared to the Exosuit, but lacks speed. The first clothing set is also cheaper.

What weapons to use

Short range: Any kind of shotguns

Medium range: Elite Assault Rifle , Flare Gun, Scoped Assault Rifle

Long range: Anti Material Sniper, Howitzer Gun, Hunter Rifle, Guitar Machine Gun

Respawnables - Revolver01:01

Respawnables - Revolver

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