For the dual-wielded counterpart, see Dual Revolvers.

The Revolver is the 18th weapon available for purchase, is unlocked at level 26 and carries 6 bullets per round. It boasts high Damage, moderate Range and outstanding Accuracy and Agility and costs 65,000 Cash icon.

  • The New Design of Revolver in the Menu.
  • The Old Design of The Revolver in th Menu.
  • The Revolver Equipped (Front View).
  • The weapon as seen in-game.
  • The Elite Bot Eagle Wielding The Revolver.
  • The Revolver Equipped (Back View).
  • Close-up view of the weapon's reload animations!
  • Buying the Revolver!
  • A revolver in real life


This weapon is efficient in moving/killing down enemies from long range despite it's contradicting Range. Because of the very high Accuracy of this weapon, the Range is somehow increased as well, making this weapon extremely proficient. It is able to defeat enemies in 2 to 4 shots, depending on the distance and if it is a headshot. A headshot from a Revolver can be fatal without Damage-resistant armor. Not only does its Accuracy allow you to attack from afar, its Agility allows you to quickly swerve around enemies and deal Damage at close range.

Ultimately, the Revolver is a tactical versatile weapon that you will definitely want to carry with you during your journey in The Respawnables. This weapon can be the best or the second best weapon, depending on the player using it. It can be the worst weapon if you are not skilled. You would also want to move around a lot to get a good amount of kills.

When you meet a guy with a Blunderbuss, you will pretty much get killed by him in short range battle. Try to Circle around him so he will miss his shots. So make sure to kill him in long range.

Guide and TipsEdit

Here is a page on how to use the Revolver effectively and here is one of iChase's video that gives tips on the Revolver.

Here is a page on how to counter someone using the Revolver.

The Fastest Gunslinger (Update) introduced equipment that buffed damage, RoF, range and running speed so wear them for the best effects.


The elite Eagle wields the Revolver and has accuracy enhancing equipment to further increase his chances of hitting his opponent.



  • The Revolver is able to inflict a good amount of Damage, taking up to 2-4 shots to kill a player at close/medium Range.
  • Good effective Range.
  • Fast reload speed.
  • Excellent Agility.
  • Very accurate and auto aim is present.


Old Style ShootingEdit

You can attain the achievement, "Old Style shooting" by getting 25 kills with the Revolver. Once completed, you are awarded 5 score points.


Respawnables - Revolver

Respawnables - Revolver



The gun's firing cycle

  • The Revolver is based on one of the many Smith & Wesson Revolver models.
  • The Revolver was one of the first weapons to receive a new skin, the others being the Double Barrel Shotgun and the Blunderbuss.
  • It is often said to be the most balanced weapon by many players.
  • During the Easter Egg Hunt, a new skin was available as a prize.
  • The Revolver and the Airsoft SMG share the same preview animation
  • It has the exact same stats as the Outlaw Revolver, Flare Gun, Noisy Cricket and Plasma Punch.
  • During the Fastest Gunslinger (Event), the Water Pistol skin from Easter Egg Hunt was re-released.
  • The iChase skin was an exclusive skin in the game that only for players whom either were luckily and randomly picked by the famous iChase, on his channels, or as one of his friends.
  • Due to many positive feedbacks from players about the Siege Cannon's newest Aqua Skin during the Hand Grenade Fest 3 (Event), that same skin was brought back for many different beloved "classic" weapons: Double Barrel Shotgun, this, and the Stig Rifle; thus, making these 4 the only weapons in the game to have the same skin (although the Little Italy, Airsoft SMG, the Heavy Machine Gun and the SMG Howling are the only ones to share the same skin, Crimson Skin).
    • Therefore, that makes this the only weapon to have 2 skins that are "look alike" (main difference is the wording on one skin).
  • This weapon went on sale for a limited time along with many other weapons during the Ultimate Soldier (Event). Its cost was reduced to 10,000 Cash icon and had its level requirement removed.
  • A player wearing the iChase Shirt.
  • The iChase Skin on the Revolver!

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