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The wiki about The Respawnables that currently have 1,276 articles about the free-to-play action third person mobile shooter created by Digital Legends Entertainment. Download it for free on IOS or Android. Create an account now and start adding your knowledge to the wiki! If you have any questions, complains or comments about this wiki, please email us at

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Respawnables is an exciting, third person shooter game, packed with a large variety of weapons, gadgets, accessories and other fun tidbits to fuel your blood-lust as you go on a journey to dominate all that is in your way!

However, in this fast paced game, you may be wondering what might be a reasonable weapon to buy, what equipment would best suit your desires or even what a specific Missions is! Never fear, this wiki has everything you need to know!

What are you waiting for? Dive right into the world of Respawnables! Who knows, you might even learn something.


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Respawnables Events Corner
This is the Respawnables Events corner. If there are any new events (or updates) in Respawnables, be sure to see all about it here!

Updates: Archery Tournament (Update)
Events: Archery Tournament (Event)
New Weapon/s: Bow, Booming Bow, Energy Bow
New Bundle/s: Knight's Equipment, 'Parcher' Bag, and Archery Tournament Chest

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Theses are our Respawnables Youtubers. They make videos of respawnables gameplays so that anyone can watch. Click on one of the pictures of YouTubers to watch some of their videos. Be sure to hit the subscribe button when you watch and leave a comment!
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Featured Article
Veteran Machine Gun

The Veteran Machine Gun is an Assault Weapon that was introduced in the Soldiers Graduation (Update) and can only be purchased in the Veteran Soldier Pack for $11.99 Dollar1

Veteran Machine Gun
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