Show your authority on the battlefield!
— Game Descriptions

The Referee Equipment is a bundle introduced in the Soccer Madness (Event) that costs $24.99 Dollar1.


It features a new single handgun: an energy hybrid of its kind. Besides that, this bundle includes some accuracy boosts and speed bonus when you are using a single handgun weapon.

Plus, you shall resist those stuns, and destroy your opponents using the last thing they'd expect: a Soccer Ball.



  • The bundle equipped.
  • The Referee Head.
  • The Referee Head Equipped.
  • The Referee T-Shirt.
  • The Referee T-Shirt [Front View]
  • The Referee T-Shirt [Back View]
  • The Referee Shorts.
  • The Referee Short [Front View]
  • The Referee Shorts [Back View]
  • There are 50 Soccer Balls included.


  • This is the third bundle to boost single handguns stats.
  • This is the fourth most expensive bundle in the game.
  • The bundle made a return at a discount during the Black Friday Sale 2016, at the price of $11.99 Dollar1.
  • The Referee T-Shirt is good at countering Stun Grenades and MIB Neuralyzer as your movement will not be affected.