The Ranger Equipment is a set that is composed of the Ranger, Ranger (body) and Cowboy Jeans. Each piece of the set is sold seperately in the Armory rather than in bundle form.


  • Cowboy Jeans - 5% Agility
    • The Ranger
    • The Ranger (body)
    • The Cowboy Jeans

Sgt. Cordell Walker


  • This set is just like the Snow Equipment, which also gives balanced stats except that the Snow Equipment set is much cheaper since it can be bought with cash instead of gold, like this one.
  • Unlike the Snow equipment set, the head gear provides an Accuracy boost instead of a Agility boost.
  • This set and it's equipments are reference to the American TV series Walker, Texas Ranger.The character looks exactly like The main lead of the series, Sgt. Cordell Walker (played by Chuck Norris).

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