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The Proton Gun

This page will tell you about the Proton Gun and how to use it. Hopefully it will help you whenever you are using it!

About the Proton Gun

The Proton Gun is an energy weapon that has the ability to slow down players, making it a skill-reducing weapon. Unlike the Zap Gun, the Proton Gun has auto-aim, which makes the Proton Gun easier to use against enemies. It is part of the Egon's Ghostbusters Kit which costs $11.99 Dollar1.


The weapon holds 200 'bullets' and it has a very fast rate of fire. Unlike other weapons, it does not fire each bullet individually, instead it fires a beam of energy that travels very fast (probably at the speed of light) and in a straight direction. Its Damage stays the same at any Range. It takes around 15-25 bullets (10-15 to head or 20-25 to body) to kill an enemy from an average mid range distance. 3-5 seconds of continuous firing is enough to kill your enemy. It's range is infinite and it provides you good Agility as well.

The weapon possesses a special ability. You can slow down your enemy by simply firing at him. As long as your enemy is in contact with your weapon's beam, his movement speed, firing speed and his reloading speed is decreased by around 30%.

Run And Gun

Run and Gun doesn't necessarily mean that you should keep running/moving randomly while shooting at your enemy. Just don't stand like a booth in a single place for a long time, and keep moving. Maintain a distance between you and your enemy and it shoot from afar. If your enemy is situated at a distance then stand still, aim and start shooting as soon as you spot your enemy. if you are engaged in a CQC battle, then circle around him, get as close to your enemy as possible. (i.e. at a hugging distance) and stay behind him to avoid getting shot. This way you'll have less difficulty in aiming.

Camping === Find a secluded spot, peferably a higher ground and start shooting at the closest enemy. Shoot at players with heavy weapons first. Try to move left and right while shoting in case that someone is shoting at you. Spotter and Medikit are recommended for this strategy.

What to Wear/Use


Egon Uses His Proton Gun.


Head: Any Head armor that boosts Health/Agility.

Body: Any Body armor that boosts Health/Agility.

Legs: Any Leg armor that boosts Health/Agility.


Medikit: Refills your Health. Use in emergency.

Stun Grenade: Slow down your enemies using this gadget. For an easier kill.

Stealth/Ninja Bomb: To make perform surprise attacks or to make emergency escapes.

Against Others

Sniper Rifles : Even though your weapon has no range limit, trying to kill them from afar is probably a bad idea. So, take a safe path and get closer to your enemy. From therecircle around him and take him out.

Shotguns : The common rule: Don't go very close to them and don't let them get closer to you. These guys tend to run straight toward you. So aiming at them and killing can be easier than it looks.

Revolver : Fire continuously and make sure you don't miss and he'll be dead before you die. But at close range, you mustCircle around him in order to avoid getting shot. Or back away while shooting.

Automatic weapons : At long range, they can be killed easily. Just aim properly and at close and mid range aim for the head and back away if possible.

One shot kill weapons : Avoid them if possible and shoot them from a higher place. The farther away they are, the better. Sneak attacks from behind sometimes work but aim at their head.

How to use

The proton gun got a giant clip, you are able to shoot for a long time without reloading. Like the zap gun, this weapon creates a "forcefield" if the beam hits a player, which slows the enemy down. With the Ghostbusters Pants equipped you are immune to the slowdown. Another good thing is the high range and accuracy, which allows you to shoot enemies over a large distance.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Reload only if only 1/3rd of ammo is left.
  • Always move from cover to cover.
  • When dodging enemy fire, always move either in a left-right pattern or in a forward backward pattern.
  • Avoid getting very close to your enemy.
  • If your enemy is situated at a long distance then, stand still while firing. This will increase your accuracy.
  • Back away when firing at shotgun users from mud range.
  • In a CQC, stick to your enemy, circle around your him and avoid getting in front of his weapon's aim. Keep shooting while doing this.
  • Maintain a distance between you and your enemy. This is not a CQC weapon.


  • Don't engage enemies in Close Quarters Combat.
  • Don't give away your position by firing at the environment.
  • Don't wear any Accuracy boosting armors.
  • Don't run straight toward your enemy.
  • Don't stand still if your enemy is firing from close or close-mid range.
  • Don't reload during a fight, unless your ammo has been depleted of course.

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