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The Proton Gun is the 19th gun available and costs $8.99 Dollar1 separately or different prices through said bundles. It was added during the 1.6 update and is a Ghostbusters item. It boasts the largest clip available along with the Minigun, 200 bullets, with each bullet able to slow down your opponent by reducing his agility to 0.5, such that he is easier to hit and won't have enough speed to run away. The Agility provided is moderate, but the damage, range and Accuracy are high, ensuring quick, long-range kills.

With a high price of $8.99 Dollar1, this weapon is good, but not nearly as good as other similarly priced weapons.


This is overall a good long range weapon, so use it to your advantage. Position yourself at a vantage point, and pick out a target. Once you hit him, he won't be fast enough to run away, and assuming no one steals your kill, you would have taken him out without giving him any chance of running away.

Exercise a bit more caution at close range, for although the Proton Gun slows their speed, it does not slow their gun's fire rate. So if a Blunderbuss user is coming in for the kill slowly, back away, or you will risk having a nasty surprise.

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Want to make killing a little bit easier with this gun? Click here!

Tired of being slowed down? Visit this!

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  • It has the highest ammo capacity in the game (200 energy units) along with the Minigun which also has the same amount of rounds.
  • It is able to slow down targets, making it easier to hit them and harder for them to get near you.
  • Very long effective range.
  • Very fast fire rate.


  • It has a sluggish Agility when equipped.
  • Horrible Accuracy, making long ranged kills harder to obtain.
  • The slow down effect is can be "cancelled"/nerfed by the Ghostbusters Pants.
  • It can also be nerfed by some Ghostbusters equipments.


Respawnables - Proton Gun

Respawnables - Proton Gun

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