The Private Equipment set consists of the first few armors you get in Respawnables. You get these items for free when you install the game and start as Level 1 but puts you first in a Newbie jacket orange or green.


This set of equipment contains equipment that are available when you enter the game for the first time.


The equipment is only cosmetic since it does not provide benefits like agility, health nor accuracy making the outfit completely useless in higher levels. It is recommended you buy better equipment to suit your tastes.


  • Mike Hunter is often seen wearing the above equipment. However, he will sometimes use Mohawk, which increases his agility by 2%
  • Snake predator is seen wearing the Urban Camo T-Shirt.
  • "Bullseye" T-Shirt used to be one of this, which it did not have any attribute boost like the others stated above, and free. However after the 3.0.0 Update, it is given 2% agility boost and costs 4,000 Cash icon, unlockable at level 8.
  • In the US army, the lowest rank is the private.

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