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Respawnables - Plasma Shotgun

This is the page where you will learn how to counter players using the Plasma Shotgun. The weapon has traits that are similar to other shotguns that players can exploit in order to stay alive or to defeat a player using the weapon.

What is the Plasma Shotgun


The Plasma Shotgun equipped by a player

The Plasma Shotgun is a plasma firing shotgun that is similar to the Automatic Shotgun exept it has only 4 bullets. It cost 525 GoldIcon and it can also be obtained in the Ghostbusters Event 30th by collecting 125000 ectoplasm. It has the ability to double the damage to ghosts.

Learn more about it here.

What to Do

  • Ghostbusters Jacket will reduce the damage received by 50%.
    • Equip the Biker Pants for even more protection. It reduces the damage done by shotguns by 20%. With the Ghostbusters Jacket, you have 70% total protection.
    • Leprechaun's Hat reduces 30% damage of this weapon.
      • Combined with the other two said gear will provide 100% damage reduction against this weapon: Which means no damage will be done to you! Even S.F. Headset won't help your opponent now.
  • Shoot the player from afar, before they even reach you. Their range is quite short, make this an advantage for you!
  • Strafe right and left quickly, as the accuracy of the plasma shotgun is not that accurate.
  • Ambush the player.
  • The user of this weapon usually use ambush tactic, so a Spotter will save you, and assist you to kill the user, by locating them.
  • If you are using any Automatic Weapon, shoot them while backing off.
  • Stun them using Stun Grenade or Energy Grenade.
  • Use Medikit to regain your health.

What NOT to Do

  • Running straight towards your enemy without any Health armor or Ghostbusters Jacket. The result, getting yourself killed by the massive power of the Plasma Shotgun.
  • Standing still. (Unless you have a good weapon, and they're afar.)
Plasma Shotgun Cutted

The Plasma Shotgun

What to Wear

Head: Leprechaun's Hat, or any Head armor that has 5% Health or Agility or more

Body: Ghostbusters Jacket

Legs: Biker Pants, or anything that boosts agility by 5% or more

Armor: A.S.P. Armor

What Weapons to use

Close Range:Any Shotguns

Medium Range: Revolver

Long Range:Anti Material Sniper, Hunter Rifle, Howitzer Gun or the Sniper Rifle

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