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Respawnables - Plasma Punch

Plasma p

Plasma punch skin.

The Plasma Punch is a weapon that people find hard to use. The somewhat strange (poor) accuracy, low damage and small explosive radius makes this weapon one of the worst for many people. Due to this, it is easier to survive against this weapon compared to other weapons of the same level.


The Plasma Punch is a Plasma Weapon that costs 150,000 Cash icon to buy. It has 3 bullets and each bullet does medium damage. It can also be obtained in the Ghostbusters 30th by collecting 15000 units of ectoplasm.

A more detailed description can be found here.

Plasma Punch cutted

What to Do

  • Try to move left and right to avoid the shots.
  • Run away from the bullets, it is easy to do so as the bullets are quite slow.
  • Wear the Ghostbusters Jacket or A.S.P. Armor as it reduces the damage done by 50% and 70% respectively, if you have it.

What NOT to Do

  • NEVER stand still
  • Running straight to him front to front

What to Wear

Head: Anti-Explosive Mask or anything that boosts your agility by 5% or more

Body: Ghostbusters Jacket

Legs: Anti-Explosive Pants or anything that boosts your agility by 5% or more

Complete Armor: A.S.P. Armor

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Any shotgun will do

Plasma Punch

Medium Range: Revolver

Long Range: Howitzer Gun and any Sniper

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