The Permanent Spotting Glitch is a glitch where the player is able to use the spotter ability for an infinite duration of time until stopped moving or killed. This glitch can only be performed with the Cyber Ninja Helmet, which is a limited-time only headgear during the Ninja Path event.

IMG 1225-1-

The glitch as shown in-game. Spotter gadget is NOT included as you can see.


This glitch is done by having the following things:

  • Cyber Ninja Helmet
  • A way to kill yourself (Preferably explosive weapons, though low-damage explosive weapons are the best (Fire fist, for example)).


1. Face a wall. It's preferred to do it, but you can do it anywhere.

2. Wait for Cyber Ninja Helmet's ability to activate, so you can see enemies.

3. Bring yourself to low health (Or, if the weapon you're using instantly kills you, skip this step).

4. After you've done steps 2-3, walk and kill yourself at the same time.

5. As soon as you respawn, start running (This isn't 100% based off of time, but there have been more sucessful attempts at this when this step was done frame-perfectly.)

5.1. Remember to NEVER stop walking or letting go of the "Walk-pad".

6. If all these have been done correctly, you should now have permanent spotting ability.


  • Sometimes this bug takes quite a few tries to work, so repeat the steps until you've managed to do it.
  • If you die while you have the bug working, you'll have to do it all again.
  • You can do this if an enemy kills you or if you die from a barrel, but you can't do it if you die from fall damage, since you can't move while falling.
  • However, after the Spooky Nights (Update), this glitch can NO LONGER be done due to the Cyber Ninja Helmet has been nerfed, and thus it's no longer has the Spotter's ability anymore.

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