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The One Shot, One Kill is a bundle in the game. This bundle mainly focuses on high Accuracy and sniping. The bundle currently costs $11.99 Dollar1.


"Are you one of those who regret wasting a single bullet? Then this pack is for you."


Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing this Bundle


  • This will give you the Sniper Rifle, which is the first Sniper in the game.
  • It will also give you a decent equipment set that boosts Accuracy.
  • It is more convinient in a sort of way that people would not have to waste much time.



Preview of the camper equipment.

  • The Sniper Rifle can be bought with 7,000 Cash icon which in game isn't that much if you save up.
  • You can save up Gold for the Camper Equipment easily.
  • The One Shot, One Kill bundle doesn't give as much Accuracy as many bundles such as the Urban Ops Pack and the Yeti bundles.
  • This bundle is pretty pricey for many people as the weapon and equipment all are only decent.


  • Before the Summer Camp 2 (Update), this bundle was priced at $8.99 Dollar1. After the update, the bundle's price was changed to its current price of $11.99 Dollar1.
  • This is the only bundle that only has one weapon in it and that weapon costs cash. The only other bundle to have a cash weapon is the Fan's Choice Weapons Pack but that also contained weapons that cost gold and the Elite Assault Rifle which the only way to get it is to buy either that bundle or the Urban Ops Pack.
  • This bundle doesn't actually provide 100% accuracy since The Camper gives 5% health and not accuracy. 
  • A lot of players ignore this bundle since the Urban Ops Pack and Yeti gives more accuracy than this bundle. However, for some starters buying this bundle means a lot of help for sniping.
  • Unlike the name, you cannot actually one shot kill armored players with a body shot with the Sniper Rifle, but you can with a headshot.

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